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    Tuesday, March 10, 2009


    As neighbor Kate and I sat at our craft show, not selling anything, we were discussing getting new clothes. I have this little problem as of late, where my jeans seem to be hanging off me. I'm not complaining, by the way. But I'm not a perfect size 6 like she is, so I was telling her how hard it is for us "full figured gals" to find good fitting jeans. I had previously told her that one of my favorite stores is Torrid. I call it the - and you have to say it fast to make it sound better - "fat chick hoochie mama store". See? Funny, huh? They have sizes right up my alley. And when I go there, I can buy their smallest size, which is a huge self esteem boost for me.

    They have all sorts of clothes. Modern and classic, trendy and slutty, basics and accessories. Shoes, too, but I don't have fat feet, only a fat middle, so I can't wear their shoes.

    Anyway, Kate proceeds to tell me to head on over to Morbid to get me some new jeans. Of course this strikes me as totally hilarious, because I had never realized how closed Torrid and Morbid sound. And when I hear Morbid, I think Morbidly obese. I wonder if their Think Tank thought of that? Probably did, and thought us fat chicks wouldn't be so quick. But leave it to the skinny girls to point it out.

    So today I'm off to Morbid to find some new jeans. Wish me luck.


    6 Response(s):

    Tami Allred said...

    see what I mean. Your writing cracks me up. "Fat chick Hootchie Mamma store" Thanks for sharing, never heard of Torrid but now I won't forget Morbid. Have fun shopping.

    nikkipicky said...

    Hmmm. Do they have those stores here in Utah? I am desperately in need of new jeans!! Why can't everyone carry jeans in all sizes. I can find them to fit in the waist...but I swear they think all fat chicks are short too. This is so NOT TRUE!! I need talls.

    I'm sorry your feeling so bad lately. I always dish it off to the weather. January and February are the hardest, darkest, dreariest time of year. Spring will bring joy with it, I promise!!

    Sunny days and green. Light from all sources.

    Meg & Josh said...

    Try Macy's, didn't we get you some super cute jeans at Macy's once?

    Have fun, shopping for new clothes is so fun!

    ClistyB said...

    last night I split my pants.

    Lisa said...

    Ya...I shop at Morbid too. Actually really love that store. I feel like I can be a little more stylish and not have to wear grandma clothes anymore. I've never bought the jeans. How are they?

    grannybabs said...

    I'm not chubby, but I am also not thin - and I have a long trunk and short legs and larger than necessary thighs and few clothes in stores fit me very well - some of the very expensive ones do - so I've taken to visiting consignment stores - and have had some good luck.

    But you do have to visit often because the stuff changes all the time.

    And the good ones have dressing rooms - which thrift stores do not - all my skinny friends find all kinds of good stuff at thrift stores - other skinny people must be getting rid of their stuff all the time.