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    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Be Thou A Friend

    I have good friends.

    No, I have great friends.

    While in the midst of this horrible depression, I was on the receiving end of several selfless deeds by said friends.

    First, Dubya took my kids all day on Monday so I could run several errands. One of which was getting my windshield fixed, which would have been a complete nightmare had I been toting 3 kids around with me. Thank you, Dubya.

    Next, J-Lo, being the sweet heart she is, stopped by one evening, just to see how I was, and to drop off a lovely potted tulip plant. All it took was a hug and asking how I was doing, and the tears that flowed pretty much said it all. Thanks, J-Lo.

    Neighbor Kate was Saint Neighbor Kate yesterday when she popped her head in at 9:00 AM and practically shoved me out of the house, telling me to go do something fun. So I did. Hair cut, brows waxed, and a trip to the library, I was feeling much better. But she wasn't done yet.

    After a noon-time phone call, J-Lo and Laurisa whisked me off to a fun lunch at Chili's. We ate and chatted, I cried, no surprise there, but I felt much better.

    After I arrived home, Saint Kate had been alone with 4 children all day. And she wasn't even frazzled. She was my savior.

    So thank you, dear friends. You have made a significant dent in my downer mood. I am feeling better. I even went to bed last night without a pill, and slept most of the night. That is a big step.

    So today I'm just working on recovering from the dentist trip last night. More about that later.


    5 Response(s):

    Meg & Josh said...

    You do have great friends. Thank goodness for them, huh? Love you. Glad to hear you are doing so much better.

    Kate said...

    Anytime good neighbor!

    Kathie said...

    Friends are what gets us through the rough times--Thank heavens for them!! I know a good haircut gets me in a good mood and I feel like life is going to be ok.

    Min said...

    I love that you have such great friends! I'm so glad that they were able to help you out and make things a little better. Love ya Kel!

    grannybabs said...

    Women are either our best friends or our worst enemies. (Can you tell I teach at a middle school - where some girls are incredibly mean to one another?)

    I am so glad that you have wonderful friends. I do too and I count it as a great blessing.