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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Spring had Sprung

    Spring was here. For one day, and one day only. We enjoyed a day of relaxing on the patio while the girls frolicked in the sprinkler. I had a big refreshing beverage, a salad from Chili's, and a bestie to chit chat with, and life was good. I garnered some sun on my arms, a little on my face, and the kids tanned nicely as well.

    And then the next day came, and the rains came down. And down, and down and down. It's pretty much been raining here for 5 days straight. April showers and all that jazz, it's true. I do enjoy the thunderstorms, though. We certainly never got anything like this in Utah. The lightning is spectacular, and the worms that leave the grass in search of higher ground are fat and fabulous. You should see these suckers.

    But for one day, life was sunny and good. A peek into what the summer may hold. I liked what I saw.

    Gretta in her water shoes. She loves the water; the tub, shower, sink, toilet, sprinkler, hose, doggy dish, anything that can get her wet. No fear.

    Mags was a little hesitant to get wet at first. After a few minutes of keeping the sprinkler on "low, mom", she was fine, and bouncing through the watery tendrils with the other kids.

    Meet the other kids. Can you tell which one belongs to me? Emma and Shivani are total besties. They play at school, and at home on most weekends. She is a wonderful girl, and very sweet and kind, so I have no problem with them spending lots of time together. But really, could they look any more opposite?

    The rest of this week is supposed to be kinda blah, but I think we're on an upward trend for sure. Pretty soon you'll hear me complaining about the heat, I'm sure. Already my hair is as curly as it gets, and I don't love that, but I'm dealing with it.