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    Wednesday, June 10, 2009


    I've moved.


    It took a lot of effort on my part, but it's now done.

    Now you need to make some effort on your part.

    Just a few clicks, that's all. Don't be shy.

    Do it. You know you want to.

    You can see me here from now on.

    Though I'll probably be back to pick up on you stragglers, because I'm just that nice.

    And for you people with private blogs, if you could please send me an email so I can resubscribe to your site, I would be very appreciative.

    keli dot clayton at gmail dot com


    Tuesday, June 09, 2009

    In The Doghouse

    We went camping up in Wisconsin. Again. I love it up there. The green everywhere, the lakes everywhere, the rednecks everywhere, it's like home sweet home.

    Friday was beautiful. We spent the afternoon on the sandy shores of Lake Wisconsin, letting the little ones frolic in the shallows. After a picnic lunch, getting sunburned like no other, and a quick nap for Gretta, we headed back to the trailer to start dinner.

    We had a few hours to kill before we needed to eat, so Noel and I decided to hit the Ho-Chunk casino. I do like myself a chunky ho, and a casino to boot!

    I lost $20.

    Noel won $300.

    She sucks. Now I'm not paying her back the $1 I owe her.

    Saturday it rained. All day. And it was freezing. We spent the better part of the day in the trailer, though we did catch Night At The Museum 2 at the local theater. It was adorable. I love Amy Adams, and her hair is so dang cute in the movie.

    Afterward, we headed back to the trailer to settle in for the night. By 10:00 we had the kids tucked in tight, and were just mellowing into a game of Apples to Apples when I heard the sound every mother fears.

    Not the puking sound.

    Not the fighting sibling sound.

    The sound of a dog biting. Hard.

    And instantly I knew we were headed to the ER.

    Here's G just moments after arriving at the ER. She's guzzling down some Diet Coke. She was thirsty, okay?

    Here you can see the cut above her lip. There is also a nick inside her left nostril, and 2 more little spots on the right side of her lip. The middle one is the only one that needed stitches.

    And here she is post-stitch. 4 to be exact. She fought the doctor the entire time, even after a dose of Versed.

    We finally returned back to the campground just after 4:30AM on Sunday. We were pooped.

    As for Bebe, she is in the doghouse in a major way. She had to stay in Wisconsin for a mandatory 24 hour hold, or until they could get her Vet contacted and get her shot records. She checked out fine, thanks to her recent Uterine infection that not only cost us a fortune, but also our money to go on a cruise. I'm really starting to resent this dog.

    So yesterday I had to drive all the way back to the Dells to pick her up. 3 hours. Each way, mind you. She is now on home quarantine for the next 10 days, or until we decide what to do with her. She has never bitten before. She'll growl and nip if the kids are teasing her, and I don't blame her for that, but biting is totally different. I'm sure she just nipped and caught G's lip on accident, but do I dare chance it?

    What would you do? Should I keep the dog and hope it doesn't happen again? Do I get rid of her on Craigslist, hoping some loving couple with no children will take her? Do we just euthanize her? I can't really decide, although I'm leaning toward one of those options.

    Gretta is fine, she hardly notices the stitches at all. They come out on Friday. Hopefully there won't be a big scar.


    Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    I Haz Issues

    I'm not an "in charge" kind of person. I like being told what to do. I don't deal well with authority figures, and I second guess myself a lot when it comes to reporting to people above me.

    Surprising, I know.

    I think it stems from my inability to be serious about anything. Ever. Authority figures seem to take my sarcastic tone in a bad way. Why on earth would they do that?

    I digress.

    I was put in charge of a decision making process that no one else seemed to want to take charge of. Should I be flattered by that? No, I'm not. So I took charge. I did the best I could. At least with what information I had been, or hadn't been given, as the case may be.

    I have since found out that my decision wasn't the best one, or at least not the way others had imagined it should be. Although even though they had all the information, they didn't or wouldn't take it upon themselves to make the decision.

    Does this make any sense at all? Clear as mud, right? Right-O then.

    I wish I could just come right out and say what I mean, but for once I'm not an open book. I just get so frustrated.

    People, if you want help from others, be specific! Don't assume they can read your mind. It is just too frustrating for all parties involved.

    End of issues. For now.


    Tuesday, June 02, 2009

    No One Always Or Never Does Anything

    Last night was a big deal around here.

    In our married life we've often done things we swore we'd never do. Owned a minivan, dressed our kids in cartoon character clothes, gone to bed angry, and other things along those same lines.

    We also said we would never, ever take our kids back to Chuck-E-Cheese. We took Emma once when she was like 2, and it was a miserable experience.

    But last night we wanted to do something special for Maggie, to celebrate her graduating from Speech. She sees the CEC commercials, and begs us to take her. We always refuse. So Sugar Daddy gets this idea that we surprise her with a trip to CEC to celebrate.

    We did it.

    We went to Chuck-E-Cheese with all 3 kids.

    It wasn't as bad as I remembered. We arrived just before 5, and it was practically empty. By the time we left at 7, it was getting packed, and more and more obnoxious. I think the timing was perfect, because I couldn't have lasted much longer in the chaos.

    We came home with 3 toys purchased with our 400 tickets, and 3 very happy exhausted kids.

    But I swear, I'll never do that again.


    Friday, May 29, 2009

    Fun For Friday

    Does anyone see a problem here?

    I guess it's good they teach speech there, and not reading.

    Happy Friday!


    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Shake Your Booty

    Maggie had her dance recital on Thursday night. She was so excited to wear her costume, and to wear make-up. She did an awesome job, so without further ado, I give you the review.

    They each got trophies with their names on them. So adorable.

    Striking a pose in her "Perfect Day" routine.

    The group shot.

    And the picture before she sweated off her make up and her piggies fell out.

    On another note, we had been growing her hair out for months for this big night. She really wanted to do two pig tails for her recital. So we grew it and grew it, much to the dismay of her overly sensitive head. She hates washing, conditioning, or combing her hair ever, so with her thick mane, and the long locks, it was a total nightmare. I told her we'd cut her hair as soon as her recital was over. The very next day, we were getting the trailer ready to go, and she got a big wad of gum stuck in her hair. Perfect excuse to cut it! So it all came off into a cute A-line bob. She looks adorable, and now she doesn't cry nearly as much when we have to do it, which makes me a happy mom.


    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Before I Forget

    This was also a bittersweet Memorial Day. Normally I spend the afternoon at the cemetery for the Veterans tribute, and then meet up for lunch at Julie's house. I wasn't there last year, and it didn't really faze me.

    This year I would have had a better reason to visit. Here are some shots of the headstone that I totally jacked from my sisters blog. Thanks, Jill.

    The headstone is granite, and it was carved in Belgium. My mom would be pissed that it's so big. Not her style at all. But that temple engraving is so gorgeous, she would forget all about the size issue.

    I love how it says "Pokey". She would get such a laugh over that. I wish I could hear her laugh just one more time. And her smile was always so sincere. She deserves the beauty of this headstone, and so much more.

    I miss you, mom. I love you.


    Happy Campers

    So we went camping this last weekend. And by "we" I mean 6 adults and 6 kids, all crammed into our trailer. Headed up to Wisconsin, near Madison. It was beautiful.

    'Cept we stayed at the ghettoest trailer park

    They had a golf cart parade. Which would be awesome, had we been staying anywhere near a golf course. But the people driving these carts were toothless and drunk, and pretty belligerent, even for toothless rednecks.

    People smoked in the pool.

    And little kids had mullets.

    Luckily we didn't spend a whole lotta time around them, we mostly kept to ourselves.

    Boys biked, girls chatted, kids played, I kayaked, and we ate yummy food and too many crap snack foods.

    I need some Activia.

    I took a total of 0 pictures.

    Kelley has some on her blog, but it's private, so just imagine me looking like my hot self sitting in a trailer park.


    It was nice. I love the trailer. The kids had a blast, and I think the adults had a good enough time, too. Kelley is due to birth any day now, so she's not invited to our next adventure, down to Nauvoo. I'm sure it will be a great time, as well!


    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Fun For Friday

    This is a little early, but I won't be around for the regular FFF.

    Here you go.

    It's like "Okay" but with a "B".

    Okay, then.

    Oh, and this same place also sells Webkinz. Strange combination, no?


    Tuesday, May 19, 2009


    Oy vey, people. I cannot make it through another night like last night. Or the night before, for that matter. Pacing around the house, trying everything to keep my legs busy so they won't drive me crazy!

    I have restless legs syndrome.

    Go ahead, laugh. I do. What a stupid name for a miserable problem! It sounds so stupid, like having blinking eyes syndrome, or beating heart syndrome.

    But it sucks. And my poor bod can't take it much longer! I have tried everything. Cutting back on my caffeine, hot baths before bed, light covers, distractions, stretching, pacing, kicking, screaming and eventually crying.

    Normally I only deal with this problemo when I'm pregnant, and NO! I'm not pregnant, so don't even go there. We're done, remember? But at least with pregnancy I know I only have to deal with it for a few weeks, maybe a month, but this is relentless.

    So maybe I'll try a good long walk today, since it will be 70 here, and perhaps a nice muscle relaxer, courtesy of my Shrink.

    If I come back in a pissed off mood tomorrow, you'll understand, right? I knew you would.


    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Change of Plans

    Well, unfortunately the camp out was canceled on Friday night due to extremely bad weather. Like as in Tornado-bad weather. That is one thing I will never get used to out here, is watching the skies during a storm and praying we don't hear the tornado sirens.

    It was supposed to be the father's and sons camp out on Friday night, and then the girls and I were going to meet up with Sugar Daddy and some friends for Saturday night. Since it was canceled Friday night, and I had a lot to do on Saturday, we just canceled the whole weekend altogether.

    Part of it has to do with poor little G. Saturday morning she starting throwing up again. This is how she spent most of the afternoon on Saturday. I had a baptism to attend, and when I returned home she was still pretty sick. I was worried about dehydration, but by that evening she was drinking a little bit at a time, and not throwing it up, so I could tell she was on the mend.

    Yesterday she stayed home with Daddy while I took the girls to church. It was so nice to be able to sit through Sacrament meeting without a kid climbing all over me! Those of you that know me at all might be surprised that I went to church even though I had a perfect excuse to stay home. I was surprised as well! I had just been feeling a sense of importance that I attend church yesterday. So I went, and first thing in Sacrament they change our first and second counselors in the bishopric, our Elders Quorum President, and the Ward clerk. Our good friends are now the holders of responsible positions! Obviously it hasn't rubbed off.

    So I thought that was why I had been impressed to go to church. I went through the rest of the meeting just half paying attention. But during Sunday School, our lesson was on Temples. I was reminded of how important the temple is in our lives. Maybe that was why I needed to go that day!

    Then in Relief Society we learned about Spiritual Gifts. Oh boy. This was definitely why I needed to go yesterday! It was really just what I needed to hear. I have been so angry about why other people can be healed and saved by their faith, when my mom and her obedient spirit were not. I have never had doubts about this before, because I have been on the positive end of healing so many times. But to see that the Lord has a plan for us, and despite our faith, if it is our time to go and work on the other side, it will be done. Knowing she serves a higher purpose on the other side of the veil brings me some comfort, but I'm sure this isn't the only time I will feel betrayed. Definitely something I'll be working through for a while.

    I guess there is more than one way to deal with a change of plans.


    Friday, May 15, 2009


    This is Noma. Or Oma, as Gretta likes to say.

    She'll be joining our family on August 3rd. We are very glad she said yes. I guess we've all fooled her into thinking we're a cool enough family so she'll want to become one of us.

    I wonder how long it will take her to figure us out? ;)

    Congratulations, Dad and Noma. We love you.

    Thursday, May 14, 2009


    We're going away this weekend. It's a very exotic-like vacation, so don't be too jealous.

    You see, we're taking the trailer out. Finally. We used it once last year. Sad, but since I was in Utah the entire summer, we didn't really have the opportunity to use it. Trust me, if I had my choice, I would have loved to have used it every weekend last summer. If only.....

    But alas, things change. Mom is gone, and now the trailer can come out of storage. So we're heading out to the Chain O Lakes state park. Yes, it really has the "O" instead of "Of". And they think us Utahan's are rednecks.

    Part of the joy of the trailer, is getting everything ready to go. Food, towels, sheets, blankets, propane, putting back in the batteries, emptying out the poopsicle that never got emptied before it froze solid. See, fun stuff like that. But there's also getting the truck ready to haul it. Fuel, car seats, iPod, new U-joints. Wha? Yep. A day before we need to get ready, the truck needs new U-joints. Figures. It's actually about time, but still, car repairs are the worst. Luckily for me, Sugar Daddy is a master at finnagling things, and can fix pretty much any car problem.

    He did it. He fixed it all by himself. And it could have cost us $650. Instead, it cost us the price of a one day Metra ticket, since we had to wait a day for the part, requiring him to take the train into work for a day, and then $35 for the actual part. Labor? Totally free. He rules.

    So we're getting ready to go. I can't wait. Even though the Chain is about, oh, 5 minutes away from our house, it will still feel like a major getaway, since I've never been there. I love the trailer. I love being with my kids, and seeing how they interact with eachother, and with nature. I'm sure Maggie will be in personal Hell with the bugs and trees and water all around, but she'll survive. I don't think Gretta even remembers the trailer, since it's been a year since we last went. I'm sure she'll love it, too.

    I have a good FFF tomorrow, so stay tuned.


    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Throw Down That Hoe

    Emma had her talent show last week. Yes, I'm just barely getting around to posting. Sorry, things have been crazy. Gretta was puking all day yesterday, and today so far, so yesterday's post didn't happen.

    I give you Emma.

    Moments after performing. I love the braids, don't you?

    In the midst of her performance for the parents. She did such a good job. She practiced hard, and had a lot of fun, which is of course the most important thing.


    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    Keli Can't Come To The Blog Right Now

    There has been an eruption of vomit at her house. She is busy cleaning it up, soothing the sad baby, and making sure enough fluids are taken in.

    Please check back tomorrow. Hopefully the patient will be fully recovered by then.

    Thank you for your patience.


    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Mom's Day Recap

    I have to admit, I was dreading Mother's Day. I had these horrible feelings conjured up, and I was certain they would take over and drown me in sorrow.

    I was wrong.

    I had a great day. A little sadness, of course, but nothing like I had anticipated. Luckily, part of the reason for that is living outside of Utah, the Mother's Day church service wasn't a sappy song and dance meant just to make mom's cry. It was just any other Sunday. Youth speaker, check. Primary kids singing "Mother I Love You", check. Stake Young Womens President speaking on Relief Society, check.

    Even Relief Society itself held a lesson not related to Mother's Day. "Facing Persecution with Fatih". Totally unrelated, see?

    I was glad. I needed a break from the sorrow I had dreaded so much. I did leave during Sacrament meeting because I got something in my eye, (really! I did!) and as I was coming back out of the restroom, I was greeted by good friends making sure I was okay. Of course, it looked like I had been crying due to the watering eye situation, but I was fine. What good friends I have. Thanks, girls.

    I was also treated to a mani/pedi/eyebrow wax for my day, and took the older girls along with me, as well. We had a great time, and their nails look beautiful! I bought myself a new pair of shoes, and 2 bouquet's of flowers, and called it good.

    We had a bbq with some friends yesterday, and as always, we talked too much, stayed too late, and had too much fun. But that is what friends are for, I suppose.

    So I survived my first motherless mother's day. I'm sure there will be more sad times to come, but I can do it. Also, thanks for the cards and letters. I have such an awesome support system, I know I can get through anything!


    Friday, May 08, 2009

    I Feel So International

    Thanks to Sugar Daddy's side of the family, international visitation has risen significantly on my blog. I now receive visitors from Oslo, and Paris. These are in addition to the visits I've already been receiving from Brasilia, and La Paz.

    I feel very cool right now.


    Mother's Day Week

    I couldn't possibly do a Fun For Friday today, what with Mother's Day Week coming to an end. I have to reflect back on last years post, and I realize now that I was prompted to write all these wonderful things about my mom. I miss her so much. More than any word can describe. I miss the safety net she was, I miss the comfort of normalcy that I had before she died. I miss her smile, her hugs, her laugh, her wisdom, her strength, her friendliness, her hands, her love. I know she is my angel, and I'm glad I can have that over having nothing at all.

    I love you, mom.

    May 9, 2008

    To my mom

    There are so many things that make you who you are. I couldn't possibly sum it all up in just a few paragraphs, or pages, for that matter. So I enlisted some help. Together we have racked our brains, smiled, laughed, cried, and felt pangs of homesickness, all to pay tribute to you, and your wonderful self.

    Remember all those times you had to sit with me in school? Sorry.
    I laugh when I think of all the times we had church activities, and you were always in charge. Always.
    Making sandwiches on the cooler in the boat, and you only forgot the knife once.
    The smell of Gardenia lotion in your bedroom.
    The way you have the B. in your name.
    Putting your family first, even when it's hard.
    Discovering that you might have a bit of a rebel in you. Just a bit.
    Au Gratin potatoes and chicken noodle soup. And Nasi. And turkey dinner, and rolls, and roll-ups, and I think we eat too much...
    The way you send out cards "just because" to random people.
    The way you keep friends for a hundred years.
    Trying to find your way out of the ZCMI parking garage.
    Keeping your cool when your sweet Cadillac lost the brakes on the way home from the mall.
    Flying away at a moments notice when one of us needs you.
    Using the "facilities" in a nice new house, when there was no running water.
    Always saying "this too shall pass" and other fine words of wisdom.
    Staying calm when the motorhome battery exploded, and just blowing out the flame.
    Saying "Time to find a beach".
    The yellow Blazer.
    Your beautiful fingernails.
    The way you love every piece of jewelry you've ever owned.
    Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Shall I go on?
    And last but certainly not least, QVC.

    Mom, we love you. You are the rock we cling to, the light in our tunnel, and most of all, our friend forever. We couldn't do any of this "life" stuff without you.

    Happy Mother's Day


    Wednesday, May 06, 2009


    I'm skipping today's Mother's Day Week post in lieu of something much more important.

    Emma's talent show is today.

    She performs for the school today, and for the parents later tonight.

    She has braids in her hair, and looks adorable.

    She's a little nervous. I'm a lot nervous. I want her to totally rock it. I know she will.

    But I'm still a lot nervous.


    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    Mother's Day Week

    May 7, 2008

    There are so many reasons I love being a mother. The more I think about it, the more my joy swells. Mostly I just love that I have this job, with basically no prior skills, and I feel like it is a natural fit. Even though I'm not the most nurturing, huggy touchy feely mother, I feel like teaching my kids to do things on their own, and stand up for themselves is just as important as holding their hands and carrying them around. Don't get me wrong, I do my fair share of hugging and kissing, they certainly aren't neglected in that area, it's just not my strong point. But that's okay. I hope I make up for that in other areas.


    Monday, May 04, 2009

    Mother's Day Week

    Last year I did posts for each day during the week before Mother's Day. This year I'm doing it again. As in, I'm copying and pasting my posts from last year. I'm so motivated.

    Honestly, it has a lot more to it than that. I'm seriously dreading Mother's Day this year. I don't have a mother anymore. I don't have her to call and say "I love you" to, or in my case, apologize for being the best.daughter.ever.

    As I look back on my posts from last year, I remember thinking it was imperative that I honor my own mother by revealing all the things motherhood has taught me. Maybe a little inspired? Probably.

    So sit back and enjoy this weeks posts all about being a mother.

    Tuesday, May 6, 2008

    Why I love being a mother

    • It makes me do things I would otherwise never have courage to do.
    • It makes me see things from a smaller, more innocent perspective.
    • It makes me more confident in my decision making skills.
    • It makes me rely on faith and promptings in a way I have never known.
    • It makes me stick to my guns, and stick up for my kids.
    • It makes me see how lucky I am to have healthy, happy kids.
    • It makes me appreciate my own mother more than ever.
    Why do you love being a mother?


    Friday, May 01, 2009

    Fun For Friday

    This Friday brings a different sort of fun. I had the pleasure of interviewing miss Allison Averett Westenskow, of Gilbert, AZ. She and I go way back. Well, sort of. Her mom was my piano teacher back in the day. She taught better than I learned for sure. But I did stick with piano because of her, and now I can play fairly well. But I digress.

    Allison and I have reconnected through blogs. You know how it is. We weren't ever friends when we lived in Utah, she is a few years younger than me, but her family lives near my in-laws, so I can keep up to date through them. Now that she has her own blog, I've learned a lot about her. A few things I've noticed are that she is a total babe. Very NieNie-esque if you will. She has great taste in music, you can listen to her play list on her blog here. And her family is absolutely adorable. So I took it upon myself to introduce all of you to all of her. Here goes.

    Why did you start blogging?

    I originally started the blog because we moved to Arizona and I wanted friends and family to keep up with what was going on in our family. Although, as time has passed, said family and friends don't look at very much, I have to tell them "Look at the blog!" I have sort of taken it over as my own and I put more things on there that reflect me instead of family related info.

    You have Celiac Disease. Tell us a little about it and what it's like.

    Celiac Disease! It is the devil. Really, it is a genetic auto-immune disease that affects the small intestine. You can have the gene for it all your life and never be sick, it has to be triggered somehow usually by stress. I was diagnosed with it when I was 24. My body thinks that the protein in gluten is toxic for my body and it is unable to digest it properly. My body tries to fight off the scary protein and in turn destroys itself. I get really sick. So, that means no wheat, barley, rye, etc. It was very hard at first, but I have been able to find things I can eat and there is more information about it than there was 7 years ago. There are a lot of gluten-free menus in restaurants now-a-days and I am hoping a big name celebrity will get it (other than Elizabeth Hasselback) and it will be cool to be gluten-free.

    What are some of your all time fave movies?

    Hmm, all time favorite movies. That is tough one, I go through phases, I usually like the more off beat type of movies. Edward Scissorhands, Reality Bites, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Stranger than Fiction, Nacho Libre, Little Miss Sunshine. I also like good action movies & 80's movies.

    Describe for us a typical day in the life.

    My typical day is blah, blah, blah. Haha, really, it is get up (against my will) get the kids breakfast, ready for school, take the kids to school, go to the gym, shower, play with Micah, lunch, go to the store, play on the internet (or read, listen to music, talk on the phone depends on the day) :), pick Alexis up from school, fix dinner, help with homework, read stories, get the kids ready for bed, watch T.V. (play on the internet, read, music etc) Go to sleep, wake up and repeat. I guess I clean up the house every once and while too.

    If you had all the money in the world, what would you like to do?

    Travel, travel, travel! I love to see new places and experience new cultures. I loved living out of the country and I hope to do it again someday. I would also love to solve all of the world's economic problems if I had enough money left over, oh and give to charity (really).

    So that's Miss Allison. Check out her blog here, and stay long enough to listen. I love the world of blogs, it opens up so many doors. I love meeting new people that share ideas and values, I love keeping up with friends from far away, and I love reconnecting and remembering where I come from, and all the people that have helped shape the person I've become. I challenge each of you to interview a fellow blogger and post it.

    Happy Friday!


    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    Roses On Your Piano

    Did I give birth recently?

    I don't recall.

    But I must have, because Sugar Daddy came home with these beauties.

    Only the second time in our entire marriage that I have gotten flowers without needing a C-Section first.

    The other time was when we were fighting pretty good.

    This time, no reason.

    I'm suspicious.

    *also, see here for the latest article.

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Spring had Sprung

    Spring was here. For one day, and one day only. We enjoyed a day of relaxing on the patio while the girls frolicked in the sprinkler. I had a big refreshing beverage, a salad from Chili's, and a bestie to chit chat with, and life was good. I garnered some sun on my arms, a little on my face, and the kids tanned nicely as well.

    And then the next day came, and the rains came down. And down, and down and down. It's pretty much been raining here for 5 days straight. April showers and all that jazz, it's true. I do enjoy the thunderstorms, though. We certainly never got anything like this in Utah. The lightning is spectacular, and the worms that leave the grass in search of higher ground are fat and fabulous. You should see these suckers.

    But for one day, life was sunny and good. A peek into what the summer may hold. I liked what I saw.

    Gretta in her water shoes. She loves the water; the tub, shower, sink, toilet, sprinkler, hose, doggy dish, anything that can get her wet. No fear.

    Mags was a little hesitant to get wet at first. After a few minutes of keeping the sprinkler on "low, mom", she was fine, and bouncing through the watery tendrils with the other kids.

    Meet the other kids. Can you tell which one belongs to me? Emma and Shivani are total besties. They play at school, and at home on most weekends. She is a wonderful girl, and very sweet and kind, so I have no problem with them spending lots of time together. But really, could they look any more opposite?

    The rest of this week is supposed to be kinda blah, but I think we're on an upward trend for sure. Pretty soon you'll hear me complaining about the heat, I'm sure. Already my hair is as curly as it gets, and I don't love that, but I'm dealing with it.


    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    I Write

    Well, it's official people. I'm a working gal. After exploring many, many avenues of what I would like to be when I grow up, I've decided to try something new. Again. This time, though, I can do it from home, I can express my opinion freely, and I get paid. Okay, so it's pretty much like a blog, only with a paycheck. But still, there's a paycheck. Did I mention that part yet? Seriously, getting paid to speak my mind is like, well, like getting paid to pee. I mean, we all know it's going to happen so why not make a little money at it?

    Anyway, like I said in the email I sent out to my family yesterday, you can see the article here. Please, please tell me what you think. And be honest. And if you don't like it, then you can stick it.


    Monday, April 27, 2009

    Gettin' Smart

    While I was in the Motherland, Sugar Daddy went all good-little-wifey on me, and took the girls to the city to see the Field Museum. Last year we had an annual pass to the aquarium, so this year he got us a pass to the museum. The kids loved it, and they didn't even get to see it all in their trip down there.

    Gretta showing off her newest face.

    The girls in front of some sort of dinosaur. I'm sure Maggie could tell you which one it is. She really likes dinosaurs. Which is surprising, since they are bigger than her, and I would think that would scare her.

    Mags with the Cheetahs. Does this make her a cheetah girl? Hmm.

    I've always said Sugar Daddy is a better wife than I am. If I had been stuck at home with the girls for a weekend while he was away, they would have watched a lot of movies, I would have caught up on sleep and cleaning, and we would have gone about the days just as any other. I'm glad he took some initiative and got the kids out and about. He's such a good little mommy.


    Friday, April 24, 2009

    Fun For Friday

    This is probably much more fun for me than it is for you.

    Either way, it's pretty dang fun. Student of the Month. I freakin love this kid.

    Happy Friday!