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    Monday, March 23, 2009

    A Poem

    Have I mentioned before how I have great friends? Well, I do. And in the midst of the hard times I've been going through, I received a little package. Inside was a bracelet, note and a poem from a sweet friend of mine. She makes and sells these bracelets, all made for special occasions and special purposes. Please visit her site here and let her know how much her words mean to you.

    The bracelet and poem she sent for me aren't on the website, so I'll write it out here, I hope she doesn't mind.

    My Mother, My Angel

    On earth her role was mother
    and she fulfilled it well.
    She blessed my life in many ways,
    more than I can tell.
    God took her home to heaven,
    she seems so far away.
    I miss her and I need her
    every single day.
    But sometimes when I'm very still,
    God whispers to my heart,
    "Her role is Angel now,
    And you are never far apart.
    She's been assigned to comfort you
    and help in time of need,
    Watch over you and guide you,
    a special role indeed.
    So when you start to miss her,
    and need her every day,
    Remember what I told you;
    She's never far away.
    On earth with you, then here with me,
    she's fulfilling her role well,
    Still blessing your life in many ways,
    more than you can tell."