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    Monday, April 27, 2009

    Gettin' Smart

    While I was in the Motherland, Sugar Daddy went all good-little-wifey on me, and took the girls to the city to see the Field Museum. Last year we had an annual pass to the aquarium, so this year he got us a pass to the museum. The kids loved it, and they didn't even get to see it all in their trip down there.

    Gretta showing off her newest face.

    The girls in front of some sort of dinosaur. I'm sure Maggie could tell you which one it is. She really likes dinosaurs. Which is surprising, since they are bigger than her, and I would think that would scare her.

    Mags with the Cheetahs. Does this make her a cheetah girl? Hmm.

    I've always said Sugar Daddy is a better wife than I am. If I had been stuck at home with the girls for a weekend while he was away, they would have watched a lot of movies, I would have caught up on sleep and cleaning, and we would have gone about the days just as any other. I'm glad he took some initiative and got the kids out and about. He's such a good little mommy.