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    Friday, July 18, 2008

    I'm A Sucker Like That

    I admit it, I've seen this movie twice.

    And I'd see it again.
    Seriously, there is nothing sweeter than sitting with my two older girls (the baby is grounded from the theater), and watching a great feel-good movie while eating my very own package of Raisinets. Add some Joan Cusack, and Julia Ormond, with a side of yummy Chris O'Donnell, and you have yourself one happy woman.

    And I like to be happy.

    4 Response(s):

    Kate said...

    and the cute little girl from Little Miss Sunshine! Is your blog going through a mid life crisis? You keep changing it! Cute always!

    Rachel Bingham said...

    Thanks for the comment Keli...I, also just like to read my friends often I feel like I don't have any comments that I feel are clever enough to post, so I just don't say anything. But, since I really love to get comments so much, I will try to be better. And even if I am often not clever or creative, I need to let friends know that I stopped by.

    I also need to adopt a couple of the cute little girls that live around here for the day so that I can have someone to go see that movie with. Or do you think my boys would like it? I love movies like that!

    Shar said...

    I really didn't have a desire to see this movie, but my MIL said it was great. And although I think she's nutty, it sounded like a good story. I think I'll go see it.

    Kelli said...

    Thanks for letting us tag along the second time! And the pizza was great!!!