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    Thursday, July 17, 2008


    Setting: Watching TV last night. A commercial for some anti-aging miracle face cream comes on. It's the one with Diane Keaton, whom I love, by the way.

    Maggie: Wow, mom, you should try that stuff for your face.

    Me: Oh yeah? Why?

    Maggie: Because then you wouldn't get all those moles on your face.

    Me: Really? What moles?

    Maggie: You know, pointing all over her face, The ones right here and here and here and here, and everywhere.

    Me: Oh, you mean zits.

    Maggie: Yeah, zits. Long dramatic pause. Mom?

    Me: What?

    Maggie: Will I get lots of zits when I'm a mom, too?

    Me: Nope. You'll always have perfect skin. Sigh.

    I guess this is where I 'splain 'bout my face. I'm stressed. Waaayyy stressed. And we all know what comes along with stress. Zits. And then I eat crap like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Noma's home made awesome chocolate chip cookies, and drink too much Diet Pepsi. And I wonder why I have zits? Maybe I should get some of that magic face cream.

    10 Response(s):

    Shar said...

    Whoever said you only get zits when you're a teenager was full of crap.

    Kalli Ko said...

    i hate those liars

    i will have acne the rest of my life

    i'm convinced

    so i feel you

    Larissa said...

    I hate zits too. Everyone I know has them. It's not just a teenage thing. And, I have those funny conversations with my kids too. Mikaela asked me if her boobs were going to be like mine. (Not a good thing, she fears being like me! As she should!)

    Michelle said...

    A little note to Keli and Larissa. It's kinda funny how our kids end up just like us in so many ways. Malorie, has acne all over at certain times, and the poor girl got my big B**B'S! She hates them I told her to just wait until she gets married than she will be glad she has them! And I trained Zach just right! He has never commented on my "stress" zits or on my large bodacious figure!! HAHAHA

    Michelle said...

    By the way your family has had a great example on me once again! I went to buy Zach and Mal a new bike and got me one! Oh MY GOSH! The seat hurts the butt when you haven't been on a bike for 20 years!! Tell your mom and dad hi!
    Love you guys!

    twwells said...

    If you find a magic wonder cream. Let me know. I have more problems now then when I was a teenager! Pathetic huh? I just saw your little saying about exploding milk. That's disgusting. Please tell me it wasn't you and if it was, who cleaned out your car??

    Kelli said...

    Magic cream takes care of everything. Can it cure cancer too?

    Laura said...

    Okay whats up with little innocent kid comments- too funny. Those Proactive commercials always leave me thinking I should become a regular customer.

    Kate said...

    Boy, your getting it from all the kids. I think Madison pointed something out on your face as well. Poor Keli!

    Keli said...

    Okay, for the record, Madison pointed out an actual mole. And now I'm super self conscious of it, thankyouverymuch.

    Also, I've used ProActive off and on over the years, and honestly, it doesn't work all that well, especially for the money. What does work is chemical peels and Freakin' Expensive face cream. I should just give in.

    And Wendy, yes, that Note To Self Of The Week is absolutely based on fact. And yes, I cleaned it out myself. With a little help from Kelli and her Sargent Steam, the smell is finally gone. It makes me want to never drink milk again.

    But seriously, thanks, ladies, for making me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who suffers with stupid adult acne. I hate it.