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    Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    Mother's Day Week

    More of why I love being a mother.

    Look at that face. How could I not just want to eat that face? She is so funny. I love being a mother because my kids make me laugh, at least several times a day.

    As you can see, we were having fun with the hose yesterday. It was nearly 80 here, and wonderfully summery. The kids were a little hesitant at first, what with the cold hose water and all, but it didn't take long for them to "warm" right up to the idea of spraying themselves, and each other. I love being a mother and seeing my kids forge ahead through their fears.

    And this is what happens when Mom and Dad sleep on a Saturday morning. This is how a 4 year old gets her own breakfast. Note the cut open box, and of course the opened bag of marshmallows. And what does a mom say about this mess? "Good job", of course. I love being a mother and teaching my kids independence. I love seeing them learn new skills, and seeing their self-esteem rise due to praise for their good decisions.

    There are so many reasons I love being a mother. The more I think about it, the more my joy swells. Mostly I just love that I have this job, with basically no prior skills, and I feel like it is a natural fit. Even though I'm not the most nurturing, huggy touchy feely mother, I feel like teaching my kids to do things on their own, and stand up for themselves is just as important as holding their hands and carrying them around. Don't get me wrong, I do my fair share of hugging and kissing, they certainly aren't neglected in that area, it's just not my strong point. But that's okay. I hope I make up for that in other areas.

    8 Response(s):

    Kelli said...

    You definitely give them the love and support they need. I am amazed at how independent your kids are. You do a great job!!!

    Nunn said...

    What a cute new blog! Keli, you are the BEST!! Your kids are so adorable. And , of course, I loved the cute pictures. Being a Mom is truly the greatest job in the world. Most days!! Even when your kids grow up and move away, it's still the best job. And especially when you see how great your kids turned out and the responsible, caring, loving people they are. I love you all.

    Jill Johnson said...

    Only you would see the box of cereal opened like that and tell them good job. I would have flown off the handle and yelled at them for opening it like that and writing on the table. You are amazing!

    amy k said...

    Keli, you are a great mom! A very patient, teaching, and loving mom.

    Laura said...

    Awe, youre the best mom Keli! You should totally write a book by the way. I love the cut open box of cereal, that is hilarious.

    Kalli Ko said...

    the cereal is awesome, I love it.

    I'm glad you love it so much, motherhood that is. I can't wait.

    Keli said...

    Wow, I feel like I totally went compliment fishing or something. You guys are so sweet. I think maybe it's because I'm away from all my family or something, but this Mother's Day week thing is very new-feeling. I guess I've always just taken you all for granted.

    But I don't want to get too sappy. It is still my blog, after all, and we all know what that means.

    Laura said...

    I love your new header. It rocks.