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    Monday, March 03, 2008

    Family home moment

    I returned in one piece from my Time Out. But just barely. Let's just say I've earned a testimony of my GPS. Or have I said that already? No matter, I have one, a testimony that is, and it got me through the hell that is Chicago Friday afternoon traffic.

    Friday night started off well. A yummy meal at the Hotel Restaurant Francaise, which is code for "over priced ham and cheese", and then it was off to hear 3 speakers and 2 singers. We were enriched, really. I do have an opinion, and it may offend, but what do I care, it's my blog, so deal. Was that too many comma's? I digress. Brother McLean, please don't sing anymore. Just speak. It gets the point across just fine, and we don't have to suffer through what I can only describe as crappy cruise ship Karaoke. There, I said it. He's hilarious. And his life sounds wonderful. We also heard from Sister Okazaki, and I just want to bring her home to be my grandma. She was sure to tell us that now that she's single, and loving it, she takes Jesus wherever she goes. And she doesn't make him wear his seat belt. How cute is she?

    Saturday we also got to hear two wonderful singers along with 4 or 5 speakers. I forget how many. Although for some reason I couldn't shake the feeling that I was at a Christian revival concert of some sort. It just seemed weird to me. I guess it's being away from Utah, and having the Gospel spoken of more matter of factly or something. Either way, Hilary Weeks of Lehi fame, and Cheri Call of somewhere in Utah fame both sang and spoke. Good times. There were other speakers of course, and they all lifted us up, made us cry, and best of all made us laugh. That's what it's all about for me, is laughing at life.

    Things I learned this weekend:

    Insert bullets here, but they don't show up, sorry. I'll try numbers instead.

    1. We didn't come to earth searching for self worth. We brought it with us.
    2. There are languages of love. We all speak something different, and we need to discover which one our partner speaks.
    3. Sometimes "FHE" should be "FHM" Family Home Moment. I know it is at our house.
    4. Self-talk can make or break our goals.
    And last but not least, I learned that posting a picture of a coat on my blog, and then wearing said coat will allow me to be spotted by random readers. Yes, I was recognized by a reader at TOFW in Chicago. There's more to the story, and we "know" each other through our sisters, although we've never met. It's a small world, this Gospel we live. And I guess the internet is too.

    1 Response(s):

    Laura said...

    Since you had a 'spiritual credit' did you give yourself the day off on Sunday? Ha ha, just joking. Glad you had fun. Glad you took notes so you could share what you learned.