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    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    Auf Wiedersen

    I have to admit, I'm a Project Runway junkie. Although I haven't yet watched to see who goes to Fashion Week, so don't ruin it for me, please. But until I started watching that show, I had no idea people actually sewed. Like, to make stuff, like their clothes. I guess I thought it was just for the, and excuse the stereotype, fat home ec chicks in High School. I'm so sorry. I honestly had no idea that sewing could actually turn into something. Who knew? I'm a little slow, so forgive me.
    I have, however, been privileged enough to know, and know of, several people that sew. And they do it beautifully. You may remember Gretta's sweater, hand knitted by Laura's mom. (insert link to past blog here, but I'm too lazy to do so). And then there's all the quilting going on over at Kalli's.

    So, all that being said, and linked, I give you this little ditty. Or is it diddy? As in Sean P Diddy? Whatever. Now, remember, this is a first for me. And I didn't really follow the pattern, since it required a zipper, and let's face it, I'm just not up to that yet. I added the humongous ruffle sleeves, which may be scaled down. And I also added a second ruffle above the first. I had now clue how to do the ribbon, so I just winged it.
    Isn't she lovely? It's a little clownish, but remember what I said about this being a first for me? I guess I need to work on my fabric picking skills. I found a cute pattern for T-shirt dresses, all you do is add a skirt. I'll probably attempt those for the older girls' Easter dresses.

    7 Response(s):

    Meg said...

    Wow! You're amazing!

    Project Runway Finale is tomorrow night! Yay!! Hurry and catch up so we can chat about it!

    SuperGabers - The Mom said...

    Dude...the neighborhood kids are gonna beat up Gretta...

    bet[c] said...

    sewing is a lot of fun! I always come up with more projects than time to actually do them. I'm glad that you are experimenting and trying new stuff. Your dress turned out nicely, although I must agree with the fabric picking comment. But keep going!!1

    Michelle said...

    Wow, Keli I am impressed with you homemaking skills. Who knew that you would become more of a homemaker now that you are living in Chicago. Gretta's dress is cute. Good luck with the Easter dresses.

    jessi said...

    looks good - just keep going at it! I think the secret to being a successful sewer is to just keep going - everyone makes things that don't turn out or they don't like, etc. You just have to keep trying things and eventually you get to the point where you feel pretty confident about it all!

    Kalli Ko said...

    I'm not so much sure of how much "Quilting" is going on as swearing and yelling at the sewing machine. But I digress.

    One must explore in effort to improve yes? And Gretta looks adorable in anything.

    Phoebe said...

    This picture is giving me so much joy. I love that you added some ruffles.
    And I miss Project Runway. When we moved here the new cable doesn't carry Bravo. Bummer.