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    Friday, June 22, 2007

    I've been inspi(red)

    After seeing so many cute new crafty ideas out there, and also seeing Grannybabs' new sewing room, I'm thinking of getting myself a sewing machine. I have all sorts of aspirations of quilts, clothes, aprons, and other crafts, and I'm pretty sure Mom-in-law won't appreciate me invading her home every day all summer long. Besides, I think I need to show my girls that an old dog can learn new tricks.

    So I'm taking suggestions. Any help will be much appreciated, since I have basically no knowledge of sewing or machines.

    8 Response(s):

    Eliza said...

    I have a Necchi...something or other. Anyway the brand is Necchi. It's white and blue. My parents gave it to me when I graduated from college. I have been very happy with it!

    Rodrigo said...
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    Betsy said...

    I have a baby lock. I love it. But I used to have an old Pfaff 360 that was my grandma's. I adored that machine. It was a tank and did all the basics. Just make sure that you get one that does button holes for you. Trying to do them on your own is nearly impossible to get nice looking ones. Other than that, just straight and zigzag will get you everything you need. Don't settle for the cheapest either. You get what you pay for.
    Good luck with your sewing projects. Maybe you can come help me with my mountain of fabric!!:)

    Keli said...

    I'm really loving the idea of sewing, but now that I think about it, button holes kinda scare me. And zippers. And elastic. And straight lines. Wow, what am I getting myself into?

    I found a Singer something or other with 50 stiches for $199 and free shipping. Seems like a good deal. And it does do button holes.

    grannybabs said...

    Buy a machine from a store that gives sewing lessons with the machine - cheap isn't always good with sewing machines - you get frustrated a lot.

    Do stuff with straight stitches - don't worry about zippers or button holes now. And elastic is easy - you just sew a straight seam and run the elastic through it.

    My granddaughters were here and we did pillow cases - now that's an easy project - and you can decorate with them so everyone will see your handiwork, admire it and you - and you will have all your good intentions validated!

    Feel free to email me with any quesions.

    And the new "easy" patterns really are easy - make your girls some shorts or little skirts - they are truly simple.

    Keli said...

    Thanks, Barb! I will totally be taking you up on the questions. I saw you did pillowcases, and I thought that would be a fun project with my girls. And then I thought if they are easy, a skirt with an elastic waist would probably be pretty easy too! Look at that, I have creativity! The lessons are a good idea. There's a cute little fabric store up the road, I may swing up there and see what they offer.

    jessi said...

    I agree with grannybabs - I think you might be disappointed with a cheap machine. You probably don't need a lot of stitches to begin, but I would go with a quality machine. I can recommend a shop in Sugarhouse - it's called Shingleton's. My mom bought two machines from there and has been very happy with both of them. I've heard Janome is good for a beginning sewer. I have a fairly new Pfaff and I love it. I also keep drooling over these old sewing machines that I see in thrift stores, but I have no room for one. That would be a risk, but you could end up with something really great for not a lot of money. Good Luck!

    Betsy said...

    You can also make cute girl's skirts out of a pillowcase! I saw that in Martha Stewart Kids. I'll bet there are instructions on her website. And really, there would only be the elastic and not really any other sewing. Unless you wanted to add ribbon or rickrack I guess.

    Good luck!