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    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Red Butte

    Yesterday was spent doing two wonderful things. First, we were able to walk through Red Butte Gardens at the University of Utah, and enjoy all the beauty that is nature. For the record, this was Maggie's personal Hell. She hates nature. Bugs, flowers, plants, wildlife, bees, it all scares the crap out of her. Which is why she is nowhere to be seen in this cute picture of Nunn and her Grandkids in "Granny's Garden". She was hiding next to me to get away from the bees.

    The other wonderful thing was very unexpected. As we approached the turn into Red Butte, there were several signs telling us the Indigo Girls concert was sold out. Wow, one of my all time fave bands, and they were here in Salt Lake! Too bad it was sold out. Oh well. Well, as we were walking through the gardens, turns out the Gals themselves were doing their warm-up and sound checks. We got to hear several great IG songs. It was a nice treat to be walking through the lavender fields, listening to great acoustic music, and enjoying it all with my family. Makes me very grateful for the blessings I have.

    Okay, okay, no more mushy stuff. We then returned to Nunn and Poppa's house for Rock Creek Pizza and slip and slide action. Good times.

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    Sara said...

    Sorry for this random comment - but I am a fellow fan of the Indigo Girls, so I felt like sharing that I recently just saw them in Flagstaff (where I'm from) It was AMAZING! I hadn't listened to them since high school, so I wasn't familiar with any of the music they were playing, but it didn't even matter because every song was awesome. :) Sorry you didn't get to see them in SLC!
    I saw your comment on Cusine NieNie - hope you don't mind the advice... about getting kiddos to eat veggies. -It's all about repitition. You have to just keep offering it to them (no matter if you know they won't eat it) eventually they actually WILL start eating veggies. I have tried this theory and it's true! yippee! :) But it can take like +10 times of being offered something before they take it, so it's a LONG process that requires patience. :) Good luck.