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    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    An eye for an eye?

    Last week we were excited to see my dad with a new truck. His turn has been passed over a couple of times by other, more pressing vehicle needs. It was about time he upgraded. After all, his old Dodge was over 4 years old and had nearly 30,000 miles on it! The travesty! Sean and I decided to take the new member of the family for a speedy test drive while Poppa stayed and watched the kiddies. We drove out of the neighborhood and started looking around at all the nifty gadgets and gizmos. An MP3 dock, a laptop capable center console, extra cupholders, rogue teeth. Teeth you ask? Yes, I reply. Here, in the cupholder, sits a perfectly good incisor. Well, maybe "perfectly" is a little bit of a stretch, but it's a tooth, nonetheless. What is this, gas costs an arm and a leg, crime is punished with an eye for an eye, and new trucks cost teeth? Remind me to enjoy my old car for a while longer. I'm not ready to give up my teeth. Besides, our tooth fairy pays $5 for teeth, and that's nearly a gallon of gas these days!

    So there you have it. The story of the rogue tooth. Hopefully this is the last of the new trucks, I'm not sure the dealership can get much of a return on a rotted out molar.

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