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    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Self Quaratine

    I wanted to go out today, I really did. I wanted to take Maggie to speech, and then let her have a play date at Duyah's house while she and I lamented over Organic something or other, and let loose our stresses and medication woes, and the fact that Spring wants to be here, it really does, but there seems to be some giant elastic band holding it back, back, back, readying it for a final release into Chicago.

    I really did.

    I wanted to take Neighbor Kate over some sour cream in exchange for the beef stock, both of which she has borrowed, cause I'm nice like that, so we could take turns telling her dog to shut up, and be interrupted mid sentence repeatedly by kids needing something now.

    I wanted to run over to Emma's school and pick her up and bring her home so I could check her head myself. I wanted to make Maggie sit still for an hour so I could comb through every.single.inch of her hair (which would take forever, thanks, Nunn Bee) and look for nits and bugs.

    But instead, I sit here and quarantine my kids into oblivion because I don't want to be that mom. You know, the one where she thinks her kids are immune to the bugs, sends them on their merry way, and sure enough, a week later, lice kids start popping up all over the place. I'm not doing that. I've worked in enough salons, and enough hospitals, to know how fast things can spread. Lice isn't something I want to tango with. Salsa, maybe. Tango, no way.

    So tonight, those kids, which so far appear to be nit free, are not leaving the house. I'm vacuuming every inch of everything, and they're all taking baths tonight whether it's been a day or three days. Wash, wash, wash. Scrub scrub scrub.


    11 Response(s):

    Lacey Fay Cottrell said...

    As soon as I saw the email about lice I yelled for Clayton to get over here so I could check his head. Clear, whew nothing! I hate even the sound of lice, something alive feasting on the head eek. I would camp at home too!!

    Allison Claire said...

    Oh, I am sorry, that is not fun to scrub, wash or be in quarantine. I hope those little buggers die soon so you can get back to your normal schedule!

    nikkipicky said...

    The thought of lice just terrifies me. All it takes to get rid of them and I mean RID of them forever. I am with you, QUARENTINE!!

    Can you imagine all the stuffties you would be washing...?

    PS and BTW I do remember the banner your dad hung over the driveway. (didn't it say something about honking) Did you guys ever get those poles out?

    ClistyB said...

    that makes me want to go to their classrooms and scrub them down with steam and bleach.

    Amber said...

    Um EEEW. I'm scratching my scalp just thinking about it. Really. *Shiver*

    Phoebe said...

    I am totally itchy as I write this!

    We have had a few scares over here recently and I am terrified of it! Too many memories of sitting still as a child while my mom combed through my long hair.
    Maybe that's the reason we have a houseful of short hair cuts?

    Jill Johnson said...


    Meg & Josh said...

    Bring on the Mayo and the "special" shampoo. You can never be too careful.

    Kelli said...

    What was that family in your ward growing up. Troy said you could see them crawling around in their hair at church.

    Kelli said...

    What was that family in your ward growing up. Troy said you could see them crawling around in their hair at church.

    grannybabs said...

    Phoebe is so right - she had the horror lice story of all lice stories - she picked them up all the time - she got paranoid after a while and wouldn't even sit back in anyone's car or on anyone's couch for fear she'd pick up another case.

    It turned out a teacher at her school had them - and didn't know it!!

    None of the rest of us ever got it - but we sure washed and picked and changed beds and vacuumed and vacuumed and washed and picked some more!!

    I don't blame you at all for the quarantine gig!