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    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Fun for Friday

    This week's fun for Friday might not seem fun to you, but it was for me.

    Last night was our Temple night. As I sat in the waiting room alone, reading and crying, surprise surprise, a woman walked by the doorway. I vaguely saw her out of the corner of my eye. I did notice, however, that she stopped and backed up to look at me through the doorway.

    Of course I looked up, and to my amazement, it was a good friend. Not the kind of good friend you recognize from High School or College, or even from the YMCA, it was a good friend from the blogosphere.

    A woman I had never met in person, but whom I feel I know personally. And of all places to meet, at the Temple. I felt it was very appropriate.

    She is as sweet and wonderful in person as she is on her blog, a nice surprise indeed.

    So that, my friends is what makes today fun.

    Happy Friday!


    6 Response(s):

    Jill Johnson said...

    I dreamed about your stupid stuffed meatloaf last night. I made it and there wasn't enough for everyone that wanted it. What does that mean. I have never made meat loaf.

    Laura said...

    Thats awesome...such a small world. The internet box is da best! Hope you are having a good day!

    Kathie said...

    How neat! What a small world!

    Jessica said...

    It was SO good to meet you too! And just so you know, I was thinking you were just as sweet and well... cool in person as you are online your self. It was a nice surprise, and a good way to end a good session! Hope you enjoyed your self, and we meet again soon!


    Kelli said...

    What is with us Noordas and going to the temple and crying? Are we ever going to be able to go and not cry? I went Tuesday...crying, surprise surprise.

    grannybabs said...

    We work at the temple and I'm not kidding, every time I go I make a connection with someone.

    Today it was a woman who has lived in my mom's ward (Grandma Mary) for 30 years and she loves my mom so we could tell our favorite stories, etc.

    I happens EVERY time - and I love it - maybe that's what heaven is like - making these wonderful connections all the time??