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    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    Good Santa, Bad Santa

    We had our annual Ward Christmas party on Saturday night, as did the rest of the Mormon world, I think. Being on the newly formed activities committee, we were in charge of various aspects of the party. Part of the food, including baking 5 bags of potatoes, the paper products, and finding a suitable (get it, suit?) Santa, were all left up to us. After volunteering said Santa, there were a few weeks where we weren't sure we would even have a Santa. Luckily, he came around, and decided it would be good for his soul, not to mention his sleeping habits, since if he had rejected the part, he would be sleeping on the couch. We procured a suitable suit from neighbor Kate, and Voila! Santa was born.

    Santa with some neighborhood girls. Excellent babysitters, these girls. Look how excited they are!

    Who knew Santa had such big beautiful blue eyes?

    And here he is telling a sweet story of the symbolism of the candy cane. He did an excellent job. He knew most of the kids by name, which is always a plus when you're playing the part of Santa. The only "oopsie" moment, was when we realized he had on brown shoes, and not black. Eh, small details.

    All in all, it was a great night. We had plenty of potatoes, ran out of side dishes, and had to make an emergency run to Jewel for more cookies for dessert. But everyone had a good time, and we fed and entertained about 165 people for 2 hours. Not bad. And our Bishop gave us a count, saying he thought we had at least 40 non-members or investigators present. Wow. That's unheard of in Utah. I don't even know 40 non-members in Utah! It's refreshing to see the community all come together to celebrate a common thread, regardless of religion.

    That was our one big party, and now we're pretty much taking it easy until the Memorial Day picnic. I think we are planning a Spring service project, but we have to wait until the ice melts (around May) before we decide exactly what it will be. Now, it's all about getting us to Utah, through our first Christmas without Mom, and having the best wedding ever!

    8 Response(s):

    Allison Claire said...

    That is a big undertaking, it sounds like it was a success. Sean makes such a great Santa, maybe he could pickup a Santa jobs on the side. :)

    hanner said...

    We didn't get a Christmas party. Apparently our ward usually doesn't have one because they always run out of budget by the end of the year. But for some reason they have a FULL Thanksgiving dinner instead? Ridiculous, I say.

    Meg said...

    Your Santa is the best Santa I have ever seen! Did Emma wonder why her dad wasn't at the party?

    Kate said...

    That has to be the best santa suit I have ever seen ;)

    grannybabs said...

    Harry's Dad was Santa for years at the family party and our kids loved it. When he did, big brother Jim took over - when he moved, his son took over.

    It's a proud tradition - give Sean a pat on the back for me!!

    And way to go with 40 non-members - that's how most of the church likes to do it!

    Kathie said...

    can't wait to see you guys!

    Shar said...

    What a good guy to play Santa!

    nikkipicky said...

    You know some people probably fantasize about their very own good/bad santa. :)