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    Monday, November 10, 2008

    What I'm Doing Today

    Mondays. Ugh. I don't especially look forward to Mondays. Don't get me wrong, I would look forward to them less if I had to go "off" to work, but dealing with what is left behind from a weekend of slakerness is no picnic either.

    My kitchen in all its glory. The weekend tornado has definitely left its mark.

    The laundry. Okay, it's been sitting here since Friday, so sue me. Part of me was hoping that Sugar Daddy would take it upon himself to put it away. Or at least carry it upstairs. I should have known better.

    Bebe. I had to make a PetsMart run the other night for some necessities. Look at that cute new sweater. Don't judge me, it was 19 this morning, and I'm pretty sure I'd want a sweater on when I went outside to pee and poop and then eat my poop. Oh, and the diaper. Yeah, it's her time of the month. About the only thing I hate about a female dog that isn't fixed. I think it's time to get that taken care of. She hates the diaper, and I hate cleaning up the mess if there isn't a diaper.

    And here's a shot of Maggie. I just love this kid. She was trying so hard to finish off the Lucky Charms so she could start cutting out the mask on the back. That's Mags, for you. Always the crafter. Cutting, pasting, taping, whatever.

    So, that's pretty much my day. I'll be making a stop at the library for a new book. I've started the Janet Evanovich books "One for the Money", and so far I've read through One, part of Fourteen, some of Four, and just finished Three last night. In that order. Good thing I'm SMRT, or I'd get confused. Who knows what else today will bring, there's always a surprise in store.

    9 Response(s):

    Kate said...

    I second up after the tornado hit. However, I dont dare take pictures of the damage it did to our house this weekend.

    Jill Johnson said...

    I am getting Boomer fixed when we are in Utah for Thanksgiving. Maybe we could get a special on two dogs. It is like $300 cheaper.

    *MARY* said...

    My house always gets it's messiest during the weekend when my husband is home. I wait around for him to take care of the chores, and he waits around for me.

    Kathie said...

    You're brave to take picture, I usually won't even open the door for anyone on mondays. Good to know I'm not the only tornado zone in the family!

    grannybabs said...

    I never thought about animals and times of the month.

    But then I've never had an unfixed animal.

    And in 40 years, we've only had 4 cats, one bird, one guinea pig and one large red-tail boa constrictor.

    Not much of interest there.

    The Noorda Monkeys said...

    ur dog wears a diaper?

    that is so you... lol love ya!

    Meg said...

    So, do they make special doggie diapers, or do you trust good ole Huggies?

    I miss you guys! I even miss bebe, and I hate bebe....

    Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Janet Evanovich books. I am on number 6. They are raunchy, sexy, with murder and mystery and the occasional chicken suit thrown in. What couldn't be wrong with these books??

    Shar said...

    Monday's are the pits. I dread them. It's laundry day. Blah. I hate laundry.

    Kelli said...

    My house looks like that every day of the week. Is that a problem?