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    Friday, May 09, 2008

    Mother's Day Week

    To my mom

    There are so many things that make you who you are. I couldn't possibly sum it all up in just a few paragraphs, or pages, for that matter. So I enlisted some help. Together we have racked our brains, smiled, laughed, cried, and felt pangs of homesickness, all to pay tribute to you, and your wonderful self.

    Remember all those times you had to sit with me in school? Sorry.
    I laugh when I think of all the times we had church activities, and you were always in charge. Always.
    Making sandwiches on the cooler in the boat, and you only forgot the knife once.
    The smell of Gardenia lotion in your bedroom.
    The way you have the B. in your name.
    Putting your family first, even when it's hard.
    Discovering that you might have a bit of a rebel in you. Just a bit.
    Au Gratin potatoes and chicken noodle soup. And Nasi. And turkey dinner, and rolls, and roll-ups, and I think we eat too much...
    The way you send out cards "just because" to random people.
    The way you keep friends for a hundred years.
    Trying to find your way out of the ZCMI parking garage.
    Keeping your cool when your sweet Cadillac lost the brakes on the way home from the mall.
    Flying away at a moments notice when one of us needs you.
    Using the "facilities" in a nice new house, when there was no running water.
    Always saying "this too shall pass" and other fine words of wisdom.
    Staying calm when the motorhome battery exploded, and just blowing out the flame.
    Saying "Time to find a beach".
    The yellow Blazer.
    Your beautiful fingernails.
    The way you love every piece of jewelry you've ever owned.
    Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Shall I go on?
    And last but certainly not least, QVC.

    Mom, we love you. You are the rock we cling to, the light in our tunnel, and most of all, our friend forever. We couldn't do any of this "life" stuff without you.

    Happy Mother's Day

    *Thanks to all the sibs who helped out with this. Hopefully we aren't written out the will. Yet.

    5 Response(s):

    Jill Johnson said...

    I think you said it all! She rocks huh? I think it was Dad that so calmly pulled over and blew out the flame. Wasn't she trying to find the baking soda? It doesen't matter, It was so funny!

    Keli said...

    OH yeah, it was dad. She and Troy were looking all over for baking soda, or for what kind of fire the extinguisher put out. That's a classic!

    Laura said...

    Awe, that was such a sweet tribute. Those are great memories! I think your momma is going to need a big wad of kleenex when she reads it.

    Nunn said...

    Actually, Laura, I needed several kleenex when I read this. Keli, you are the best. It was so touching and so funny and only you could pull that off. Thank You. I'm glad I did something right because all my girls turned out so well. And , of course, we know Troy is the best!!!!!!!!!!
    Love You

    Kelli said...

    I agree, Troy is the best but so are you!