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    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    Yellowstone, day 8

    Saturday we left Canyon, and toured Old Faithful on our way out of the park. My niece, Madison, nephew Gabe, and Emma decided to do the "Young Scientist" project that would take them on a trek all around the Old Faithful geyser basin. They had to find out if geysers and hot springs were alive or not alive, follow a map to a mystery location, and then talk to a Ranger about what they learned. It's all very serious work. The Rangers do not take this lightly. They go through the booklet page by page, and make sure the kids fully understand what they have learned about. It's a nice way to teach them about the geology of such a unique place.

    Here are Madison, Gabe, Maggie, and Emma in front of the sign for Old Faithful. This was the last day in the park, but certainly one of the funnest!

    Madison and Emma showing off their "Young Scientist" booklets. They worked very hard for the key chain they received for completing it. Maggie and my littler nephew Eli also did a worksheet about animals they spotted while in the park, and received a "police badge", as Maggie likes to call it. So cute.

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