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    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    Things I saw a Wal-Mart today

    • This goes out to all the WT out there.
    The top 10 things I saw at Wal-Mart today that frightened, annoyed, or shocked me.

    • 10. A very large man asking for a fresh double quarter pounder.
    • 9. A bag of Wal-Mart brand "chicken parts". Complete with quotations.
    • 8. The day-old cart. Empty. Gross.
    • 7. An insulated mug in the shape of a beer keg. Sweet.
    • 6. A rather large woman holding a rather small dog. Did I mention this was in the grocery store?
    • 5. Several colorful buffet shirts. Although I'm pretty sure when you buy them in 5XL, they're called "smörgåsbord" shirts.
    • 4. A man with one arm pushing a cart. Not really WT, but not something you see every day.
    • 3. 2 empty pallets in the middle of the aisle. Probably from HP books.
    • 2. An "it". Man? Woman? Both? Who knows!
    And the #1 thing that frightened, shocked and annoyed me at Wal-Mart today was:

    • 1. A 2, count them, 2 Jazzy Chair family! They really do need to invent the tandem.

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