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    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Yellowstone, day 3

    What's this? A what? A buffalo? A bison? What's the difference?
    Monday morning we awoke to this. A buffalo, (or buttalow, as Maggie says), in our campground. In our camp site. Well, nearly. It was right next door!

    We spent most of Monday sleeping in, and later, driving to Old Faithful.

    This is the only photo of actual "Old Faithful", and I'm not really sure who that hoochie mamma is in the background. But Sean was in charge of the camera at this point, so I'm sure we can all speculate what he was really taking pictures of.

    We walked all through the Old Faithful Basin to see the various hot pots and geysers. We got a lot of strange looks due to Gretta's helmet situation, and we all got a little bit sunburned. It was over 90 degrees, a heat wave for that neck of the Caldera.

    1 Response(s):

    Betsy said...

    I love yellowstone and totally want to go again, but maybe in september or october when it's a little cooler and less crowded. I am also envious of your mobile accomodations. Glad that your having fun!