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    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    Yellowstone, day 2

    Sunday we drove to the park from Jacob and Amy's house. It's only about an hour and a half, so not too far. But the part that takes forever is actually driving through the park. 12 miles can take an hour or more, thanks to Buffalo and Elk jams.

    We found our campsite, and to my chagrin, (does that word make sense here?) our next-site-neighbors had 2 German Shepherds, and get this, a Pit Bull! At a CAMPGROUND! Duh. So we had to find a new site, not an easy task when it's full. But luckily the reservations lady understood my plight.

    After we hooked up the generators and set out chairs, we took to making S'Mores. Yummy! We also saw a shooting star, and a satellite go by. The girls were having a great time by the fire, and that includes Gretta, who thinks fire is a good friend to chat with.

    Sean is a great fire starter. More on that later.

    3 Response(s):

    Jill Johnson said...

    Who took that pic? You are in it?

    Keli said...

    I took it, thankyouverymuch! Can you say "timer"?

    Meg said...

    That's cute. Pit Bulls and German Shepards? Why?