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    Monday, April 09, 2007

    Happy Easter

    Finally! The table is in and ready to go. Just in time for Gretta's blessing day feast. We had a great time. Sean gave her a beautiful blessing, and it was nice to have so much family gather for the occasion. Rumbi's catered the feast, and it was delish, as always. Gretta did great and was nice and quiet both during her blessing and afterward at home. I think everyone had a good time.

    All the kiddies lining up for the Easter egg hunt at Nunn and Poppa's. From left to right: McKinley, Olivia, Eli, Gabe, Madison (in back), Emma, Carter, and Maggie. Whew. Hard to believe next Easter we'll have 2 more girls running around!

    Here it is. The famed table. It is huge. We have 6 chairs around it now, but there is easily room for 2 more. It's nice to have extra room for guests and not have to squish. Notice the centerpiece and runner, courtesy of Sean.

    Sean and Gretta, pre-blessing. Aren't they darling?

    3 Response(s):

    Kirsten said...

    The table turned out beautifully, but not as beautiful as your family. Glad that the day was a success, and we're still sorry we couldn't be there. Enjoy the fun new table

    Min said...

    Great job Sean! The table looks great. Have heard the day was great, wish we could've been there.

    Phoebe said...

    I love fxing stuff up around the house. And when I say I, I mean David.