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    Monday, January 22, 2007

    Gretta Holland Clayton

    Well baby Gretta has arrived. Now just so you all know this is not Keli it is her other half Sean and it is my first time blogging but I have strict instructions from the 'boss', so here it goes.


    5 lbs 6 oz

    18 1/2 inches long

    born at 4:42 PM (MST)

    lots of blonde hair....and Grandma Jeanette's ears.

    Keli and Gretta are both doing great!

    18 Response(s):

    Donna said...

    Grandma Mary says good job good job prettiest baby of today. Aunt Donna says she has alot of hair. Congrats to Sean and Keli.

    Mike said...

    Good work guys!

    Min said...

    I thought she was 6 lbs 5 oz. Did I hear wrong?

    Congrats! She is adorable.

    snapdragon said...

    congratulations! what a little baby!

    she is cute. can't wait to meet her!

    jeanette clayton said...

    We love this family!!! What a beautiful baby!!! I will see you in a week. I know she will change by then. Emma and Maggie will make great big sisters.


    Felipe & Erika said...

    Congrats! I love the name. Hopefully Keli had a better C-section experience this time!?! Give both of them a big hello for us!

    Keli said...

    Okay, I screwed up.....Baby Gretta was 6 lbs 5 oz....and yes she had a beter c-section this time around. She did not feel a thing.


    Jacob said...

    Isn't it nice when the women folk are laid up in the hospital and us men folk can run rampant in the blogosphere.

    Keli congrats on getting her out. I think that is all that consumes every woman the last few weeks of a pregnancy.

    Michelle said...

    Congrats on the new addition. She is quite the cutie. I am glad to hear that everything went well. I can't wait to see Gretta this summer. Wow! Now Tressa has a cousin younger than her and she is only 6 months old.
    Congrats again!!


    Britt said...

    Oooooh! What a little hottie! I'll have to keep Callaway away from her since Sean says they're not allowed to date.

    You guys make beautiful kids. You should keep it up! Ha ha ha! Congrats!

    Betsy said...

    Congratulations!!! She is very cute.

    My sister in law had her baby yesterday too!

    Kirsten said...

    What a sweetheart. Congratulations! We are so glad that little Gretta is here. Hope all goes well.
    Kirsten and Bryan and Crew

    amy k said...

    So cute and precious! I am glad that everything is going and went well. Keep us posted.

    Phoebe said...

    Hooray! She is lovely. C-section babies just come out so pretty!

    Bonny Brae said...

    she is so cute - and i love the name.


    Eliza said...

    Okay, SO cute and so teeny-tiny! I love all the blonde hair! Your family is beautiful.

    I have been a little out of it with the family blogs, so luckily Aunt Joan clued me in that Gretta had been born. Good job, Keli and Sean! Good luck with the recovery, and enjoy your little group of girls. Love it!

    Eliza said...

    By the way, I am shuddering to hear that you have had a not-so-pain-free C experience. I cannot even imagine, nor do I want to! I'm glad this one was better!!

    Hester said...

    congrats on the baby extravaganza. sean welcome to the wonderful world of blogging