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    Friday, July 14, 2006

    Things I like...

    I'm copying this from Eliza. I thought it a good idea, considering we're both expecting, and cravings and aversions can change drastically from minute to minute.

    1. Gatorade. Lemon-Lime or Orange.
    2. Rice Krispies. Plain. With milk, no sugar.
    3. The Tour De France. So cool. And long.
    4. Air conditioning.
    5. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.
    6. My bed. I think I've been in it more than out of it in the last few days.
    7. Anti-depressants.
    8. My mom.
    9. Pop-Tarts.
    10. A week off work.
    11. Sean, for doing all the house work.
    12. Kids that entertain themselves.
    13. Naps.
    14. Blogging.
    15. A nice hot bath.

    I think that sums it up. For today. Tomorrow could be totally different. I don't remember pregnancy being this hard with my other two, but I guess I am older and more tired. Sean says it was the same, but I guess we forget, or we'd only have one child!

    3 Response(s):

    Britt said...

    Hey! I like all of those things, too! But I'd have to change #7 to anti-perspirants. I love those things!

    Eliza said...

    I think you definitely forget. When I was the sickest (of my LIFE it seemed) for about 6 weeks, I said on more than one occasion that this would have to be it for us unless Matt wanted to adopt--and I was not at all kidding.

    Now I'm tired all the time and still a little sick, but nothing compared to before. It's only been about a month since I stopped feeling so sick, and I'm already thinking, "It wasn't really that bad, was it?" I'm just grateful that part is over (please, let's hope).

    Jacob and Amy said...

    Wow, how can you forget that fast. I look back and can still feel how horrible I was for three months. It was the worst!!!!