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    Monday, July 31, 2006

    I was severely reprimanded

    For not blogging for a couple of weeks. So here it goes. Someone, I think it was Erika, said she knew I must not be feeling well because I hadn't blogged for so long. It's true. I don't feel well. But this too shall pass. We've had a couple of exciting weeks around here. Spencer returned from his mission to Portugal, Aaron got baptized, Claire was blessed, Emma learned how to ride a two wheeler, we had a 24th of July party here at our house and went swimming and had a bbq, and have spent lots and lots of time with visiting family members. Donna and Grandma Mary were here for the baptism and homecoming, so we got to see them quite a bit. If I was a good little blogger, I'd have pictures to post of the adventures, but alas, I am not a good little blogger. We are headed to Cherry Hill today for Emma's 7th birthday, so I'll definitely have pictures from that. So there you go. Updated. Am I good for a couple more weeks? I think not.

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