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    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Well, we're back from Vegas and Logan. It was good times. Vegas was hot hot hot, and Logan was not not not. We had a lot of fun seeing my sister in Vegas, and I'm pretty sure Emma thinks she lives there. She just makes herself right at home. Of course, my sisters house is always so crazy that she just fits right in. This weekend we're off to Bryce Canyon, to which we've never been, and then I think we're taking a few weekends off for a while. I think our ward is starting to reactivate us. We had the missionaries drop by the other day, and our home teachers are trying to set up a day to come and see us after a year of never calling. Hmmm, they must think we're going inactive. Nope, just having a fun spring!
    Emma going down the waterslide in Mesquite. She's so brave.

    This would be Sean doing extreme water sliding. He's such a dork. Notice the sun glasses.

    This is Emma and Maggie in Logan on Saturday. We just went up for the weekend and did a bike ride on Saturday and went swimming. We also went to Charlies for ice cream and saw the movie "Stick it". 3 stars for sure. Out of 10. But the girls liked it.

    3 Response(s):

    Min said...

    Great to talk to you yesterday! Can't wait to see you this summer. We're going to schedule hair appts (me and aimee) for that first week in July when we get to UT... gotta look better for the wedding! It will be fun to just sit and catch up!

    Britt said...

    What!?! The church wants you back? Are they crazy????

    Keli said...

    They must be crazy. I think it's because they just put in a new bishop, so he's trying to reactivate all the slackers.