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    Thursday, April 27, 2006

    Here we go again!

    It's off to Vegas! We are going down for my cousin's daughter's wedding. (What does that make her to me?) We'll be stopping in Mesquite on Thursday night and golfing down there on Friday morning. Then it's off to Vegas! We're staying at Circus Circus there, because they have an RV park with a pool. The rest of my family is staying at my sister's house in North Las Vegas, but if we stay there we won't be able to run our AC and it's going to be in the 90's. No way, Jose. We'll be going on a bike ride on Saturday morning, and then the reception is that night. It should be good times.
    The truck and trailer getting ready to leave for Vegas, baby!

    Emma and her cute new ''bookini".

    Sean's new bike. A Giant OCR 1. Nice.

    Maggie and her bean tower. She thought it was pretty funny.

    My new bike. A Specialized Dolce Comp. I love it. I've put 65 miles on it this week!

    3 Response(s):

    Felipe & Erika said...

    Keli! Sounds like a fun weekend! Your girls are getting so big and they are both so cute! We need to figure out a time to get together. We are living in Pleasant Grove while our home is being built down the street. It should be done by September! Going back to apartment life has been crazy! Have a great weekend!

    Jacob and Amy said...

    I agree with Erika, your kids are cute! Have fun in Vegas! I would soak up the warm weather it's been so cold here.

    Good job on the biking too, looks like fun!


    Min said...

    When did Mags get so big? Can't wait to see you guys this summer! Have fun in Vegas.