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    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    A little reminder of why we should use good manners.

    This is written in "Real Simple" for December as the postscript. I think it's a good idea to brush up on manners for this time of year, but also to show our kids and those around us a good example. People just don't know how to use good manners anymore, it seems. Here are situations in which it is imperative to use good manners, or at least show special politeness to other people:

    1. They are older
    2. They know more than you
    3. They know less than you
    4. They got here first
    5. They have educational qualifications
    6. You are in their house
    7. They once helped you financially
    8. They have been good to you all your life
    9. They are less fortunate than you
    10. They have achieved special status in the wider world
    11. You are serving them in a shop
    12. They are in the right
    13. They are your boss
    14. They work for you
    15. They are a policeman/teacher/doctor/judge
    16. They are in need
    17. They are doing you a favor
    18. They paid for the tickets
    19. You phoned them, not the other way around
    20. They have a menial job

    Excerpted from "Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of Everyday Life (or six good reasons to stay home an bolt the door", by Lynne Truss.

    As you can see, there is practically no reason NOT to use good manners. This pertains to practically every situation we're in on a day to day basis, save one. It never mentions using good manners when yelling at or disciplining your children. I guess for good reason. I'm usually not too worried about grammar when I'm bugging Emma to get going in the morning so she won't miss the bus-again!

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