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    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    Interpretation Please

    Last night I had a dream. I have a history of having vivid, strange dreams, but ever since I've switched medications they have gotten more vivid. And strange.

    I mean, aside from the usual dreams of teeth falling out, drowning in a puddle of door knobs, or even the occasional "happy" dream, things have gotten much, much worse. Or better, I guess it depends on your perspective.

    But last nights dream is especially disturbing to me. I don't know why. It was simple, non-threatening, and short. Well, relatively short, as in does anyone really know how long their dreams last?

    So do you want to hear it? I thought you might.

    I was lying down somewhere. Where isn't important. I had covers pulled up to my neck, and I stared straight up to the ceiling. My sister Jill approached me with giant tweezers. She had this evil grin on her face. No, more evil than normal. Yeah, right. She held my arms down with her hands, and in her other hands (?) she took the tweezers, aimed them straight at my neck, and proceeded to pluck out a giant stem of a chin hair. It was about 3" in diameter, and had a blossom of white on the end. My first reaction was "Why didn't someone tell me I had been growing this huge hair on my chin?". She proceeded to explain that it hadn't been there long, and her other friends had missed seeing theirs grow so quickly and had subsequently been strangled within minutes.

    So I guess she saved my life. How do I thank a sister that is 2000 miles away for saving my life in my dream? Does Hallmark even make a card for something like that?


    5 Response(s):

    Shannon Watson said...

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with completely bizarre, yet somehow not entirely unrealistic, dreams. (My recurring theme is that some major emergency is happening -- house is burning down, tornado, etc. -- and no one is doing anything about it but me. Gee.... :p)

    Hate those chin hairs.

    Darci & Devin Buhl said...

    You and Devin should be friends. He wakes me up EVERY night with his sleep talking, or better yet, his sleep walking. Apparently his imagination goes wild when his eyes shut.

    Jill Johnson said...

    I have always wanted to pull out those crazy hairs on your chin. I never thought they could get long enough to strangle you. I forgot about the "happy" dream. I also forgot that we taught Meg about nair this summer. I am really in need of it myself. thanks for dreaming of me, and sharing with the whole world. Love you.

    Trent & Carlie & Co. said...

    Hi Keli, I neglected to mention that I need your email address to invite you - you can send it to trentncarlie at gmail dot com. :)

    Hester said...

    I always have dreams about all my teeth falling out, crumbling into my hands. very scary.