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    Friday, January 30, 2009

    Friday Fun

    So that's where all our taxes are going.

    Public education at it's finest.


    4 Response(s):

    Kelli said...

    Poor kid. Was there not a staff member that was smart enough that month?

    Keli said...

    There was a staff member, but I covered her name up. I left the kid's name, though. Seriously, it cracks me up. But apparently due to the lack of comments, I am the only one that thinks it's that funny.

    Oh, and you.

    grannybabs said...

    Maybe they say his name with an accent that doesn't sound quite so bad!!

    The LA Times has a weekly feature with goofy signs people have seen - maybe you should send this one in - if you lived in LA I guess!

    Steve and Tina said...

    I saw it coming home yesterday and I thought it was hilarious. Visions of "Lloyd" with his bowl cut shot through my head and I laughed outloud. Thanks for snapping the pic and letting me enjoy...again.