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    Friday, November 21, 2008

    Things I Hate

    I hate that I only have today and tomorrow left to get ready for next Saturday's craft show.

    I hate that I have piles of laundry on the dryer that need to be put away.

    I hate having kids on anitbiotics, and repeatedly forgetting to give it to them.

    I hate waking up cold and headachy.

    I hate that I have to leave Sugar Daddy alone for Thanksgiving.

    I hate that my dog has a uterine infection and I hate that it will cost a fortune to treat her.

    I hate it when my Voice Mail light is blinking, and then there isn't even a message.

    I hate lying awake stewing about life.

    I hate cancer.

    I hate being in a bad mood first thing in the morning.

    I hate that I still have 3 more days until I get to see my family.


    11 Response(s):

    Kate said...

    Hey....look at the bright side. You love having a neighbor that brings you glazed donuts with chocolate frosting to brighten your morning!

    Jonny's Mommy said...

    Yeah, agreed on many of those. Some I can't relate to, of course.

    Nice blog. Found you on Entrecard.

    Love the design too. Will be back.

    Laura said...

    Hmmm...well at least it is the Friday...and how fun you get to go on vacay in 3 days!

    Meg said...

    Hang in there, only a few more days, and we will all be together again...

    Jill Johnson said...

    I LOVE you!!!

    Larissa said...

    Keep on hangin on!

    Mandy said...

    Keli ~

    I hate cancer too, automatited phone calls and homework.


    I am Harriet said...

    Cute blog!

    nikkipicky said...

    Isn't it nice to have a place to list all the things you hate, and know your going to get some kind of support.

    Buck up little camper....Utah awaits you and all your siblings. Sad that you have to leave the Hubby behind. I totally know how that feels. Sometimes I think people think I have made up my husband and he is a figmant of my imagination. :)

    See you Monday?

    Laurie said...

    You're a winner over on Tip Junkie! Please e-mail Shannon with your contact information to redeem your prize.


    Kathie said...

    I can so relate to you! It must be the Howard/Brown thing!