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    Tuesday, October 07, 2008

    Birthday Girl

    Today is Maggie's birthday. She's 5. I can't believe that I have kept a human being alive for 5 years. Some things we love about Maggie are:

    She is always crafting. She loves to cut and paste, and color and draw, and sing and dance and dress up.

    She is very smart. She had an evaluation done for her speech class. She scored the highest possible points. She gets that from her mother. ;)

    She is very, um, shall we say, determined. She knows what she wants, and she will do whatever it takes to get it. She gets this from Sugar Daddy.

    She has a special affinity for Nunn Bee. Nunn Bee is my mom's mom, who died before Maggie was born. Yet somehow, Maggie knows all about her. Especially that Nunn Bee gave her all that hair she has. I love that they share old souls.

    She is very independent. She will climb on counters and chairs and stools if it warrants getting something she's after. This is a trait I love.

    So Maggie, I love you. You are very special. I know you chose to come to our family because you knew you'd be happy here. You have a very special spirit, and have a definite sense of right and wrong. Thank you for being so sweet and kind. You are a wonderful daughter!

    10 Response(s):

    Day said...

    Happy Birthday Maggie! (If she even knows who I am :) What a beautiful picture of her...she is definitely a special girl...Did I tell ya Ryan goes to speech twice a week now too..he loves his teacher and hopefully this will help him communicate a little better. Anyways, Happy Day to You Miss Maggie!

    Jill Johnson said...

    Happy birthday Miss Maggs. She has the most infectious laugh. I love that kid. Can't wait to see you guys. How many days till you come?

    Meg said...

    Happy Birthday Mags!! I miss you so much! Hope you have a fun day!

    Kirsten said...

    Happy Birthday Maggie! I can't believe you are five and we are so glad to have you in the fam!

    Kirsten and Bryan, etc...

    Shar said...

    Happy Birthday Maggie!

    "Kept a human being alive for 5 years." You crack me up!

    Laura said...

    I swear I already left a comment. Maybe I was wishing someone else a happy birthday?

    Happy B-day Mags! She is the cutest. My fave things about her are her dress-ups, all things yellow, and her soft pants.

    grannybabs said...

    It's Erika's b-day too - I can't believe how many birthdays we all share - we must be related!!

    Have a happy day!

    Kelli said...

    Happy Birthday Mags! Sorry, your gift is late but we will get it there soon! We miss you guys.

    Michelle said...

    Happy 5th Birthday Maggie!! I hope that you had a wonderful day. We hope to see you soon. Love ya.

    Steve and Tina said...

    We hope Maggie had a great birthday. Love the picture, she is such a beautiful girl. We need to get our girls together soon!