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    Friday, September 26, 2008

    This Is Life

    I have a killer cold. If I was a man, it would be a "man cold". And if I was motivated at all, I would put a super duper link to the "Man Cold" on YouTube, but you can "Tube" it yourself, cause I'm lazy like that. I fell asleep at 8:00 last night. It rocked. But I still feel like total crap.
    *Oh, alright, I linked it. Geez. Now I need a nap.

    Gretta is repeatedly trying to wedge herself under my computer chair. With each and every attempt, she bonks her head, hard, on the frame. And yet she continues to try. Tenacious, yes. Mentally ill, possibly.

    I have seen Sugar Daddy a total of 15 minutes this week. No, that's a bad thing. See, it's his busy season, getting everything sorted out to different retailers for their Christmas sales. Which means he works at 5AM and gets in just after 7PM. I know I shouldn't complain because it's much harder on him than it is on me, but it's my blog, so I can complain about whatever I want. And tonight he's partaking in the Cubs vs. Brewers game in Milwaukee, so that means he won't be home until after midnight. I don't feel bad for him, though.

    Maggie had her first dance class yesterday. Yeah, I'm such a good mom, I forgot the camera.

    Emma missed the bus yesterday. Again. So she was late.

    Gretta has a fever, a rash, and a limp. This warranted a trip to the ER, but she checked out fine.

    My slutty dog has decided it's much more fun to spend the days philandering around the neighborhood than being cooped up in the house with a sick bitchy mom. I rarely know if she's in or out. And to be honest, I don't care anymore.

    Oh, and I've been wearing the same pair of denim capris all week. I change my shirt and bra, of course, and my undies, but the pants, they just keep calling my name. I need a new pair. Or pairs.

    Feel free to slap the Mother of the Year award right here.

    18 Response(s):

    Kelli said...

    You are a great mom! I have had a week almost the same. I am thinking I should maybe wash my pants today....nah! I am going to just put them back on.

    Kate said...

    Wait! You forgot to mention how you left the other night for soccer practice and forgot to put Bebe in the house and that once you got there, your kids got eaten alive because you didnt put the bug spray on them. Just kidding ;) .

    Nurse Heidi said...

    The man cold video is one of the most stinkin' hilarious clips I've ever seen.

    Eh, we all have mom of the year moments (days/weeks/months). I'm currently sitting at the computer with the neighbor's baby asleep on my lap while my own kids are playing/fighting in the next room and Katie's roaming around fending for herself. THat's life.

    Laura said...

    That sucks your sick. At least it is almost the weekend and you can 'call in sick' and have Sean take care of the kids. And I think youre a rocking mom too.

    bonny with a Y said...

    i've been sick this week too - so my children are tired of having cereal for every meal - except the night bruce brought home subway.

    Shar said...

    Colds suck.

    Slutty dog. Hopefully she doesn't get knocked up, because then you'll have a whole litter of slutty dogs. And that would suck.

    Kalli Ko said...

    is everyone clothed, fed and alive?


    then your day is a SUCCESS!!

    Larissa said...

    Man Cold is so on target! I love that video everytime.

    I tend to wear the same favorite pants a lot too. I guess we should buy more than one when we like them so much.

    I hope your cold gets better. Colds suck!

    And, it's a good thing you don't live here. My male dog is a "man whore!" He gets out all the time and he's old! You'd think he would stop. I guess dogs don't need little blue pills!

    Larissa said...

    P.S. How long do we have to wait for the officer friendly story? Your killing me!

    Larissa said...

    Ooops I mean YOU'RE killing me. I hate that. I can't type with my jammed finger. Ugh!

    Jill Johnson said...

    You ROCK!!

    The Williams Family said...

    Just so you know, I do read your blog almost everyday, and I laugh my butt off! I wish I was as talented with words as you are. You make my day alot of times, so don't ever stop posting :)

    Kathie said...

    THis is so funny, I didn't read your blog before I wrote mine-- I should have. Read mine. We are so in the same boat, although I don't have a cold just a migraine. I love to see other people are just like me! I am totally in competition with you for the mother of the year award! Do your kids eat potato chips for breakfast too?

    amy k said...

    It's the worst when you are sick and still have to play mom. Hang in there!

    P.S. I'm still waiting for the story also.

    Shylo said...

    Sorry you feel sick! We missed you at dessert the other night. Glad to hear Gretta did not break anything. Let me know if I can help with anything (I make a mean chicken noodle soup...from the can!)

    Lacey Fay Cottrell said...

    OH MAN (Like my boys would say) that stinks!!! I probably don't put my crap like that in writing because I would just get ticked off every time I read it again ha ha ha Hey why are we not getting together on those crazy no husband days hmmmmmm :)

    nikkipicky said...

    Holy Cow!! You mean you're not perfect. You had me fooled.

    Of course the only answer for the cold is Nyquil, or any no name version of it. Sleep, Sleep and more sleep.

    Thank goodness the kids will find food. We just call it FFY, fend for yourself. Think of it this way they learn to be self sufficient at a young age.

    Feel Better.

    Meg said...

    You are damn funny when you are sick.

    Sorry you don't feel well, except that it makes me laugh hysterically... Hopefully you feel better soon.