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    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Sucker Practice

    Emma gets to play sucker, I mean soccer, again this year. She loves it. She really does. Me, not so much. I have such a deep appreciation now for all those years my mom sat through gymnastics meets, and swim meets, and diving meets, and cheerleading camp, and softball games, and even church volleyball games. I remember thinking that she probably had nothing else to do, so I felt like I was doing her a favor by getting her out of the house. How wrong I was.

    Games aren't so bad. I enjoy the "competition" of it all. If you can call a group of girls swarmed around the ball laughing until they get their chance to kick it once a competition.

    But the practices. Oh, the practices. Wow. Where to begin? First of all, the field we practice at is at an elementary school almost 30 miles away from our house. At 6:00 PM. Which means with traffic it takes us almost an hour to get there. Once we get there, we have to park. Usually a spot is around, but then there's the walk to the actual field. I kid you not, it is another 10 minutes. And mind you I'm pushing a stroller, carrying a diaper bag and a purse, Maggie usually has some sort of toy or blanket, we have to bring coats now, and what else? Oh yeah, the bulk of this 10 minute walk is through the mud. Stroller+Mud=Bad, bad things.

    So by the time we actually make it to practice, I have had it. But we still have an hour to kill. And I use "kill" lightly. Last night, I don't think Gretta stopped screaming. You all know it, the Pterodactyl squeal she does. It's so pleasant. I'm sure it doesn't bother the other parents one bit. So we started walking the track around the field. Maggie takes off running, and takes a full on header onto the pavement. Blood, screams, and fat lips later, both kids are crying. What can I do? I laugh it off as one of those moments that is so going on the blog. And here it is. I keep my word.

    I do love that Emma loves soccer. She is very talented. And I know she is healthy and happy. I guess in the scheme of it all, that's what really matters. So I'll continue my trek to practice every Tuesday night, and I'll do it with a smile, because that's what my mom did, and that's how it should be done.

    And just so you know what kind of day it's gonna be at my house, I found a booger (not my own) on my mouse this morning. Yep, a click and stick kind of thing. Nice.

    11 Response(s):

    twwells said...

    Sure Keli, just admit it. It was your booger!

    Michelle said...

    Oh my goodness, you make me laugh!! Yes it was a booger, are you sure it wasn't yours? LOL! Isn't practices great! Zach started football and practice has been every single night for 3 hours until this last week and now it is 3 nights a week. It is long, although I don't have to travel a whole hour!! Oh my Gosh! Can you get buffed up tires on your stroller? LOL! Love you Keli! Thanks for making me laugh!
    Michelle Muhlestein

    Keli said...

    Michelle, you crack me up too. But you really, really need to update your blog! I check and check, but it's just the same old post! Come on, you always have something going on in your life, you can do better than that. There, you have been sufficiently berated.

    Jill Johnson said...

    Which person in your house left the booger? I found one on the back of the seat in my truck once. I blammed it on the Nish's. How is Maggie's face? Poor thing.

    Day said...

    You are a super trooper! Kudos to you for all that...yah, who said moms aren't super women?!

    Shar said...

    Soccer. Blah. One sport I hope my kids don't ever want to play.

    Driving in traffic, walking in the mud, cold. Blah. I feel for you!

    Larissa said...

    I love soccer, except this year my one son is on the worst team ever and he could improve so much but I am afraid this is either going to hurt him or make him not want to play anymore. The coach doesn't know what he is doing. So, I can't stand to even watch any of it. It literally makes me want to cry or scream out cuss words or something. But, at least I don't have to travel all over the state in mud to get there. Thanks for making me feel better. I guess I will have to remember my totally fake smile all year.

    And the booger...gross, but hilarious!

    Laura said...

    Wow cant you just talk your kids into having a pizza party at home?

    Laura said...

    Youre awesome. Youre willingness to support Emma's soccer has made me tired. Time for a nap.

    Amber said...

    Holy crap, where does she go to practice? Wisconisn? Skokie? You ARE a good soccer mom. I'm pretty sure the Lazy bone that Maya has will prevent me from being such a soccer mom, until Harrison comes of age, that is.

    Kelli said...

    I know if it was your booger you would admit it....right?