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    Tuesday, September 02, 2008


    Wow, that weekend flew by. In fact, it flew by in such a fashion that my camera never made it out of the bag until just last night. But thanks to a few random pics of our "party" last night, I have proof of our visitors.

    Ken and Michelle drove up from Peoria on Friday night. It was so good to see them, and Tressa is such a big girl now! Although her size certainly doesn't deter Gretta from beating the crap out of her. But instead of posting a boring play by play, and no pictures to boot, I'll just do one of my most favorite blog items-Bullets!

    • Lou Malnati's sausage-fest pizza. Wow. Lots o' sausage on that one.
    • The Milwaukee Zoo. Yes, on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, oh, and during Harley-fest, too. 'Twas a tad crowded.
    • 'Smores in the backyard fire pit.
    • Church on Sunday. Nothing like arriving late, and leaving early.
    • Cedar Lake Beach. Spent jimmy. 'Nuff said.
    • Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Like Sun Valley, but with a ginormous lake. Cold Stone brownie batter ice cream, the "Red Pony" boutique (yes, someone really named it that!), and no cell phone service.
    • Monday night BBQ. And more 'smores.
    It was a fun time. Now it will be good to get back to reality. I like the routine of getting up early (yes, it's me talking), and getting started on my day. The weather here is so nice, 70's pretty much all day except the high afternoon when it hits 80 or so, so that makes the mornings especially nice. So back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now.

    7 Response(s):

    Michelle said...

    Thanks for having us. We had a great weekend.

    Jill Johnson said...

    Poor Tressa. Gracie knows just how she feels. I actually miss her beating up Gracie.

    Jill Johnson said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Kalli Ko said...

    at least it wasn't called the "red rocket" boutique...

    now that would have been uncomfortable!

    Shylo said...

    Sounds like a fun week. We almost went to Lake Geneva this weekend too, but at the last minute we decided to go to a Lake Michigan beach. Mmmm smores, I need one of those fire pits! :)

    Kelli said...

    Fun, Fun, Fun! However we wish you were with us in Yellowstone!

    grannybabs said...

    I love s'mores!!

    (I tried introducing them to our friends when we were in Chile - only the 10-year-old liked them!)