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    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Dang, That's Early

    5:00 AM

    On a Saturday.

    This better be good.

    Did you see what time it started? You didn't?

    8:00 AM

    On a Saturday.

    What place in line do you think we were?

    9 Response(s):

    Day said...

    Did you get some good stuff? Seriously, you have to get there that early? Wow that must be some sale! BTW, THANKS for helping me out in Sunday school yesterday-I had seen your hand raised a time before so I just called on, teaching that class was no easy thing-I just hope I made some sort of sense :)

    Amber said...

    So... did you get some good deals?? I know the girl that runs that Posh Tots business, I hope the sale was a success!

    Jill Johnson said...

    Cute new blog. What is up with you? Early on a Sat for a sale? Sewing? Domestic diva? Who are you and what have you done with my Sister?

    Shylo said...

    That is dedication...I hope it was worth it. FYI Big Hollow is having a childrens clothing resale next month, you can donate (get 70%, 30% goes to the school) or just come shop. I found some cute stuff last year.

    nikkipicky said...

    Not close enough if it wasn't first.

    Who gets up at 5:00 to shop? You probably do the whole day after Thanksgiving thing too!!

    No sale yet has been worth the hassel for me!

    Kate said...

    5 AM???? What CRAZY neighbor would get you up to go to a sale at 5 AM???

    Ryan, Carli, and Hayden said...

    How fun! Let me know next time they have it. Did you find anything good?

    Kelli said...

    I thought you only did that the day after Thanksgiving?

    Shar said...

    9th? Did you get some good stuff?