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    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    Quick Splash

    Yesterday I was an uber motivated mom. G woke up all sorts of pissed, which I don't really understand, seeing as she's sleeping with a cashmere blanket these days. Really, cashmere. I wouldn't leave my bed. Anyhoo, she was mad at the world, and ended up going right back down for a nap. Meanwhile, a neighbor kid came to play with Mags. This is wonderful because then I have more time to blog, play solitaire, and download music. Not that I neglect them or anything, but they just entertain eachother so well, they don't really need me. Unless we have a pee-your-pants incident, and then I'm so there with new undies and shorts.

    Okay, on with it. Comcast had to make their seemingly bi-monthly visit to fix my internet. I know! While they were here, I swept and mopped the floors, chatted with Kate and Dubyah, and folded 2 loads of laundry! After that, G woke up, much better I might add, although I'm sure the big dose of Tylenol helped, and the kids were super sweaty and stinky. What's an uber motivated mom to do?

    *Image totally jacked off the internet. Not my kids. But it really is the spray park. So sue me. I forgot my camera, okay?

    Yep. Head to the Mundelein Spray Park! Thanks to Carli and Shylo for inviting me. Even though I was late, thanks again, Comcast, and missed Carli, I was able to sit and chat with Shylo and her adorable baby. He is seriously so dang cute. He cuddles with her, and has this cute curly hair, and I could go on and on. But I digress. The kidlets sprang into action straightaway. G was first in, with Mags and T dumping buckets of water over her head. She didn't mind though. Again, I'm crediting the Tylenol. So we played for an hour, then headed home. It was a nice break during the day, and wore the kids out just fine.

    Although Emma was a little miffed that she didn't get to go, but them's the breaks when you have school.

    Sorry about the lame-o post. I'll be better next time. Stop yelling at me.

    6 Response(s):

    Laura said...

    How come they didn't have that crap when we were kids? We got so screwed. :)

    Meg said...

    G misses me... That HAS to be it.

    Sounds like you guys had fun!

    Kate said...

    Oh Yeah, and Kate and her kids were invited to the spray park too but then Keli left without notifying them of their departure.

    Keli said...

    Well Kate didn't seem particularly interested in going, and I'm sure Keli thought she was just trying to be polite and not say, "No, I don't want to go out in public with you, especially if your hair is going to frizz like that" , so she just went ahead and left.

    But next time, fo shizzle, home girl.

    Shylo said...

    I am so glad you were able to come. Anika was bummed Emma was already in school. We will have to get together again soon.

    Shar said...

    I love those days when I'm ultra-motivated. They make the days I don't do a damn thing not seem so wrong.

    I'd love to have a water park like that close by. Lucky you! Well, lucky for your kids.