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    Friday, May 16, 2008

    The Mowstress

    I am in charge of the lawn duties. How very eco of me, huh? Yes, tis true, I mow the lawn every week. I also have taken up the weed whacker duties, which is a completely new experience for me. But if I do say so myself, the lawn looks pretty damn good.

    But I have a problem.

    You see, it should only take me about an hour to mow the front and back yards, and yet somehow it takes me 3. What could I possibly be doing wrong? I think I know.

    It may have something to do with the fact that I have to stop and chit chat with the neighbors for an hour in between bag emptying breaks. This translates into long, long afternoons spent "mowing" the lawn. So I've decided to call those pesky gossiping neighbors that I love so much my "mowstresses". I think that's a pretty creative word, don't you? Feel free to use it in a sentence.

    "On my last pass, along the grass, the mowstress stopped me to talk to her ass".

    I think I just swore 2 times in this post. That's gotta be a record. And for all you G-Rated folks out there, sorry.

    6 Response(s):

    Mamarazzi said...

    super cute post and adorable blog. thanks for clicking on by...i know how it goes, but that's the best part of blogging...popping in to find new bloggy friends!!

    come by often, i will add you to my google reader so i can remember to come on back!!

    Shar said...

    I love mowing the lawn. (Maybe not when I was a teenager and my dad woke me up at 6am on Saturday mornings to do it, no matter what time I got home) Edging? Not so much.

    I'm dying to go to Chicago. Is it all it's cracked up to be?

    Keli said...

    Shar, it's totally all you can imagine, and more! I love it here! It's seriously so pretty. Lakes everywhere, and trees to die for. The actual city is so cool. Anything you want to do, it's there. If you ever need a place to stay, just holla, and the spare room is all yours!

    Kelli said...

    I'm the mower too. I keep trying to give Troy a hint but it never works. If I want it mowed then I do it. It is good exercise too...

    Laura said...

    You're going to have to mow in the middle of the night- or get Emma to do it for ya.

    Jill Johnson said...

    Wait. I thought you accused me of being last in my Tri because I will be talking to my fellow riders. Must run in the Fam! I am so excited for you to come. I am getting all teary thinking about it!!!