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    Friday, May 23, 2008

    Friday Fun

    Okay, here we go again.

    What are you doing for the long weekend?

    I'll start.

    Friday night, hopefully a movie and dinner. Depends on the babysitter.
    Saturday, primary activity at the temple, and then maybe the zoo after that.
    Sunday, church?
    Monday, BBQ and games at the park with the Ward.

    *I'll also be missing the annual Memorial Day BBQ at Julie's house. And of course, the whole cemetery action. Be sure and tell everyone "Hi" from me.

    Now you.

    11 Response(s):

    Mamarazzi said...

    sounds like lots of fun...


    tonight, dinner with friends.
    tomorrow, peace and quiet
    sunday, church and more peace and quiet
    monday, last day of peace and quiet

    Jordan is going to her grandparents house straight after yep, peace and quiet. and i think i will east cereal for dinner most of the weekend...woo hoo! oh wait, hubby is still here, scratch

    Keli said...

    Oh, I love me some cereal for dinner. I could eat cereal for every meal. Really, I could. In fact, when I was pregnant with G, I did!

    Laura said...

    Dude- no plans for us yet. What movie are you going to?

    Keli said...

    I think it will be Baby Mama. Or Indiana Jones. They both sound good to me.

    amy k said...

    I'm probably going to be the boringest person here.
    Friday- work, driver didn't show so both Jake and I will be hauling (trucking).
    Saturday-planting the last 500 trees I keep mentioning. Jake will be working hauling dirt since it rained all week.
    Sunday- Church, Jake has to talk (he got cornered last week)
    Monday-don't know yet. I'm thinking of inviting some friends over for BBQ. I also have to find my girls some dresses for upcoming family weddings. We may end up working though.

    Laura said...

    Fun, I heard Baby Mama was good. I want to see Indiana Jones too but think we are going to see Iron Man instead this weekend...

    Larissa said...

    No solid plans yet. We were going camping but, it's too cold here.
    Friday night - hopefully dinner not made by me
    Saturday - playing with friends
    Sunday - I have to speak and help with sharing time. Totally unprepared. Cemetary visits to SLC and Provo.
    Monday - breakfast at yo mama's house and then hopefully playing with friends and bbq.
    On Tuesday, I will probably tell you that none of this happened and I was bored!

    Michelle said...

    Friday- friends over for a BBQ
    Saturday- hubby's on call so we will stay home and work on refinishing furniture
    Sunday- church, relaxation
    Monday- maybe another BBQ

    Ken and I saw Baby Mama last week. It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it because I could sympathize being pregnant and all. Indiana Jones sounds fun too.

    Kelli said...

    I'm doing what I wish you were doing so we wouldn't be alone with all the cousins! (I won't name names but I will tell you if someone made Stake President yet!)

    Lacey Fay Cottrell said...

    UMM I pretty much can say dito to your see ya there I guess! I miss visiting family cemeteries too, it become a big event making flower pots and taking them to all our deceased realatives. Some close some distant didn't matter we still went -- sniff sniff thats what we miss living away huh!

    Trent & Carlie said...

    Hi Keli! Well, we went to Idaho & Oregon this weekend so we had a lot of snack food in the car! We are living in Lehi now. My parents moved from Riverton to Bluffdale and now they are down in Sanpete County. My little sister does live on the edge of Riverton. Did you live in Riverton until you moved?