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    Friday, May 02, 2008

    Friday Fun

    If money were no object, (that is one of my favorite sentences, by the way) and you only had a week left to live, what would you do?

    #1 Assume you are in great health. Let's pretend the world ends in a week. Mmmkay?
    #2 Um, I guess that's it.

    I'll start.

    I'd charter a private jet, take my entire family around the world to all the destinations we would like to see. I'm thinking Holland, the Dead Sea, Iceland, Caribbean, Antarctica, and popular US destinations.

    Then we'd fly back home, chill at Mom's, and just laugh and laugh with each other, just like we used to every Sunday night. We'd have a turkey dinner, followed by popsicles in the backyard under the shade of the weeping willow.

    That would rock.

    Now you.

    5 Response(s):

    Nunn said...

    Great idea!! I'd fly all my kids and grandkids to my house. Have a huge swimming pool, jumping thing, slides, swings, etc. and we would spend the next week doing whatever they wanted. But I'd do it at home because that's the very best place to be!!!!

    Laura said...

    We always say "if we won the lottery" but there is a problem seeing as we don't play the lottery.

    Anywho I would want to go on some fun tropical vacay. I don't even care where. Maybe Tahiti? Since I wouln't need to shop I would just focus on eating yummy food.

    amy k said...

    I would vacay also, except I would go to France, Italy, central Europe and then make it on over to the Thailand beaches. You can't forget Austrailia and New Zealand either. We have always wanted to go there. Then with all the money we have, we would buy a spaceship and fly away to some other world. :)

    Larissa said...

    I would want everyone I love to be together in Hawaii. Since I haven't traveled much and I am not sure of any places I like more, I would love to be in Hawaii when it all ends. I'm fairly easy to please. A week isn't long enough to do much. I don't want to die exhausted. I like to be well rested for these things.

    Kelli said...

    I would like to travel all over but I would also like to have a relaxing time with family. So, I am with Larissa and I would like to go to Hawaii and have fun and relax. I would love to hang out on the beach, go for hikes and do some mountain biking.