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    Thursday, April 10, 2008


    Money spent on useless, non-list items at Wal-Mart: $50

    Gas money to get to and from Wal-Mart: $8.00

    Having groceries delivered to my door for a $10 fee, not taking 2 or 3 kids to Wal-Mart, not driving to Wal-Mart, and not spending money on useless crap while at Wal-Mart:


    Thankyou,, thank you.

    6 Response(s):

    Kelli said...

    That is such a great idea. I wonder how much I spend on gas running back and forth to the store. I just went to Ikea with my three kids, what a nightmare. Definitely worth $10 bucks.

    Kylie said...

    Jealous, this totally sounds worth it to me! I hate grocery shopping and would enjoy that extra time that I do not have to be going to the store. But I totally have the problem with getting useless crap. Anyway, that's so cool!

    The Noorda Monkeys said...

    How many items come in a box? 3 boxes... wow lots of groceries! Good idea though!

    Larissa said...

    I have always wanted to do that for myself. I hate grocery shopping with the kids. It's a nightmare. We just signed my grandma up for home delivery from Safeway in Cali. (She just turned 84 and lost her license.) It makes a great birthday or Christmas present for someone that has everything and needs nothing more.

    amy k said...

    Definetly worth the 10 bucks! I am going to have to check it out. I can't believe it's really possible not to have to go thru any of that.

    Jacob said...

    Personally I love going grocery shopping. There is no better feeling than filling your cart up with all kinds of goodies. Although I could do without the carrying them in from the car.