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    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    Nothing like it

    Ah, yes, an early morning visit from one of the "saved".

    Yes, the Jay-Dubs have made the rounds.

    I got my daily dose of Bible bashing. What a good way to start off the day.

    After explaining that I am in fact, a Mormon, and I believe in the Bible, as well as it's companion book, the Book Of Mormon, I was then asked how I knew it to be true.

    I just do.

    And then I was told that our church "Now allows girls to be missionaries, too". Wow, who knew?

    I can appreciate their hard work and bravery for going door to door and sharing a message, but I'm good in the religion department, thanks for asking.

    10 Response(s):

    Laura said...

    Do you have a big X on your door now?

    Keli said...

    I guess that would be better than a big "A" on my chest.

    Although, I do have a pretty big A.

    SuperGabers - The Mom said...

    I like your big A. I wanna slap it.

    Jill Johnson said...

    Maybe you should have told them to go see Horton. Believing in things unseen!!

    Kalli Ko said...

    you have to realize that people have the same reaction when Mormon missionaries come to their doors too. Makes me laugh. Being a missionary would be so hard.

    We used to have Jehov neighbors. Once a year they came over to preach and talk religion. Once a year we politely declined. I did like reading the packets though. Such good illustrations.

    Meg said...

    Should have asked them how they know the Bible is true... Beat them at their own game!

    I agree with Kalli, I am sure people think the same way about our missionaries.

    Keli said...

    Funny enough, Sean and I were just talking about this last night. I'm sure our missionaries have a hard time, and how scary for them! So like I say, I can appreciate their convictions. But would I join a church that says only 144,000 people can be saved? Nope. If I had that kind of luck, I'd just play the lottery!

    Nunn said...

    Good for you. I can never hold my own when it comes to religion. But I have lived with your Dad for 40 years so that makes me somewhat of a saint, right?

    Keli said...

    Oh, Mom, you're totally a Saint. There's a special place in Heaven for people like you, and it's right next to people like me!

    Love ya.

    Kelli said...

    I didn't know girls could go on missions, who knew?