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    Friday, March 07, 2008

    Tagged, a la Meg

    Things I'm thankful for:

    • Eliza for helping me change my blog to look all cutesy.
    • On Demand free movies from Comcast.
    • Good kids.
    • A funny hubby who stays out late for Bulls box seats.
    • A comfy bed.
    • Cold medicine.
    • K-Mart fall apart.
    • Internet.
    • Fridays!
    • And Saturdays.
    • And Sundays, too, I guess.
    • Counting down 6 days until I see my Meg!
    Everyone who reads this must blog about their Thankfuls. That means YOU!

    6 Response(s):

    Doney Days said...

    Keli! I'm so glad I finally found your blog! When you commented on mine a few months ago, I tried to find yours but when I would click on your little "k" icon it would only take me to your profile and then the only blog I could find from there was the Clayton family. Anyways, mine is set to private now, so I have to email you an invite then you need to accept it. Could send me your email to How's everything going? Your kids are so so cute! Talk to you soon!

    Meg said...

    Ah, you are so sweet! Yay, less than a week!

    Eliza said...

    Blog looks great!

    Laura said...

    So fun team Keli is visiting you next week!

    Phoebe said...

    I love Kmart and Comcast On Demand. And pretty much the rest of your list, except we don't have Bulls Box seats out here. And Meg isn't coming to visit me.

    Jacob said...

    I love your template ... I had a hard time reading between the lines on your last one ... I guess I have some unresolved issues with elementary school and lined paper.