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    Sunday, February 10, 2008


    Since my sister, she who shall remain nameless, Jill, is bragging it up that it's 60 degrees there in Hell, I mean Vegas, I thought I'd show you what you're missing out on here in the frozen North. Yes, people, that is my light switch covered in ice. Not too bad for an outside light switch, eh? Well, too bad it's INSIDE! Maybe I do keep my house a little on the cold side. Honestly, we don't know why it does this. It's just this one, right by the back door. I think a little spray foam insulation will fix it right up. Plus, I love using that stuff. It's so fun. So do I have your sympathy yet?

    6 Response(s):

    Janssen said...

    I would DIE. It was 79 degrees yesterday in Austin - I'm originally from Hell (Las Vegas) too, so I appreciate warm weather. Cold weather? I do not love.

    Found you through Fluent Brittish and am enjoying taking a look around!

    amy k said...

    Keli, I hear your pain. We left Thursday in a blizzard. I am happy to say we are now in California where it is 85 degrees. As my girls say it best...."Mom, you are just running away from winter."

    Meg said...

    Now do you see the reason I always freeze at your house, in your trailer, in your car, etc, etc???

    Keli said...

    Yes, I see, I see. Mom was freezing when she was here too. And she's like me, she's never cold. I think it's like at Jill's when in the summer they can only "cool" the house down to 80. We can only "heat" ours to 66.

    Jill Johnson said...

    Holy crap, do you think that is the reason the house was for sale? I think about that evertime there is something crazy about this house. I will be sure to send you a picture of my kids playing in the sandbox when they get home from school just to make you feel better.l

    Betsy said...

    I saw something on DIY about drafts coming through light switches and fireplaces, etc. They say that it means there is probably some cracks, open spaces, missing insulation, etc on the outside of the house (ie the soffitt, siding, joints where things cometogether, around the eves, etc.) where the wind is coming in and then it just gets in everywhere. Maybe look into having a really highly recommended home inspector come take a look? Could save you some $$$$