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    Friday, November 09, 2007

    Note to Discovery Gateway Mom

    Dear helpful mom,

    It may surprise you that all these years, despite your lack of input into my child rearing choices, I have managed to raise 3 lovely daughters without any life-threatening incidents. I realize that there are children running around, and that my crawler my not be seen and may get her fingers stepped on. I also realize the "car" isn't childproofed. And yet I allow my 9 month old to enjoy herself fully, within arms reach. How dare I! How dare I not keep her snugly fastened in her baby bjorn, and turned away from the excitement she craves! How dare I not sanitize my children's hands after they have played in the water!

    I simply smile, and say, "Thank you," and move on my merry way. When really I'm thinking to myself, "Lady, one day your kids are gonna get so sick of you hovering over them incessantly, they will do anything to get away from you! Let them play and be kids, and get bumps and bruises. RE.LA.XXXXX!"

    Mom who could care less what you think.

    #$%^$^. This is me falling down as I descend my soap box. If only I had a hand rail.....

    1 Response(s):

    Meg said...

    AMEN! I also may add to helpful mom, "Keep your freakin' nose out of my business".