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    Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    Going green

    Last week we went grocery shopping. This was a pretty big deal, since we hadn't been for about 2 months. Really, 2 months. I was out of everything. When the corn and beans are running low, you know it's bad. So off we went to drain our checking account in the frozen foods aisle. We filled the cart, overfilled the cart in fact, and headed to the checkout stand. As we waited in line, we saw these.

    Reusable grocery bags. In Utah. At Harmon's! So now I'm doing my part. And it feels, well, pretty darn good.

    6 Response(s):

    kylie said...

    Oh! They have those at Harmons! I've been looking for some. Hooray! =)

    Bonny Brae said...

    good job keli!

    Meg said...

    I am so proud of you! Next, recycling all those bottled water bottles!

    amy k said...

    Nice, I actually like the green color too.

    Keli said...

    Those water bottles are killing the environment, I know. But I still can't bring myself to drink tap water. It tastes like spit. Eww.

    Phoebe said...

    Pat yourself on the back! And you get a 5 cent credit each time you use them. You are MAKING money!