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    Wednesday, October 17, 2007


    Last night we were treated to a wicked fun party, courtesy of Mom and her mad party throwing skills.

    Thanks, Mom!

    They had soup in bread bowls, and doughnuts. It was muy delicioso. I made Gabe/Laura's tortellini soup with ground turkey. Super yummy. You can find the recipe here.

    Later today will bring:

    A trip to the craft store for Halloween party invitation shiz.
    3 kids getting flu shots.
    Gretta getting a prescription for antibiotics for her pink eye (thanks mom!).
    Probably laundry.
    Me battling with Maggie for her to wear pants. She only wants to wear "soft shorts" and it's 50˚ outside.

    Good times.

    7 Response(s):

    amy k said...

    Good luck on getting Maggie to wear pants. We woke up to super cold weather too (40).

    Kalli Ko said...

    I usually battle with myself on the whole wearing pants issue...

    Maggie you are not alone.

    Maui Girl said...

    Maybe you should just put a 'Clayton Nudist Ranch' sign outside your house, then youre all set.

    Felipe & Erika said...

    Amalia only likes "soft" clothes too! She is a fan of knit only. I found some awesome knit pants at Children's Place, they have a knit fold over waistband and are boot cut. They come in a bunch of colors and are on sale for $4. Amalia is a huge fan of her "soft pants"! That is so funny that Maggie and Amalia are the same age and refer to their clothing with the exact same words. Also Target has some great boot cut knit pants in their their toddler section that go to 5T, they come in solids and stripes!

    SuperGabers - The Mom said...

    How was it with turkey? And... how are you bribing the girls into getting flu shots?

    Keli said...

    Dude, that soup was so dang good, even with turkey! Sean said it's on the top of his list of his favorites! My kids ate it too, which surprised me since it had veggies in it.

    And as for the flu shots, they actually did the nasal spray instead of the shots. Much better.

    Michelle said...

    I am glad that you had a fun time at the party. How is Maggie feeling?