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    Saturday, September 01, 2007


    If only somehow I'd known that this:

    Would turn into this:
    In just a matter of hours. Like a few hours. Fast, way too fast. Maggie went from fine, to feverish, to sleepy, to vomiting and listless in about 6 hours. She is notorious for this. But this time was different. We couldn't figure out what was wrong. No sore throat, no ear ache, no tummy ache, nothing. After a night of sleep, and still not being better by morning, we ended up at Primary's. Can I just say a big Thank You to them for being awesome. IV fluids, several well meaning doctors, and finally an intern that took it upon himself to do it right. We end up with

    Drum Roll Please....

    Pyelonephritis. Lay terms: Kidney infection. And after a long night in the hospital, she goes to this:
    Thank goodness kids are so resilient. She's much better now. Hopefully we'll have no long lasting effects from this, but there is still one test to be done once all the infection is gone.

    4 Response(s):

    amy k said...

    Scary! I am a firm believer in doctor's and their technology these days. She looked awful in that second picture. Please keep us updated and she is in our prayers.

    Min said...

    We love you Mags! Glad that you are home and feeling better.

    Meg said...

    It was SO the yellow Care Bear that made her feel better.

    grannybabs said...

    Glad to hear that she is better. Phoebe at 18 mos. had a recurring enui that just didn't sit right - and it was at Primary Children's that they diagnosed a serious kidney infection that was caused because she had a faulty valve - which corrected itself as she grew.

    You are in our prayers!!